Illuminati: Hard Evidence At Last

On September 27, 2022 by Tim Newman
Illuminati Money Obama All Seeing Eye

Deep down inside, we all know that the cult of celebrity has its beginnings and ends in Illuminati witchcraft, ceremonies, sacrifices and oil.

Do we really need any more proof? I mean, it’s a no-brainer: rich people gently brainwash our kids over many years, coaxing them gradually towards the cult of celebrity worship and mindless consumerism.

The important question that members of the Illuminati must be asking is: What’s the easiest way of getting people to buy stuff they don’t need and talk constantly about vacuous celeb-based drivel?

Of course, the simplest way to brain wash entire countries and continents is to place symbols into pop videos.

These shadowy elites use symbols like triangles and eyes. Of course, both triangles and eyes are very rarely seen in art, the media, and the world at large, so if you ever see eyes or triangles on TV, it’s almost guaranteed that they are brainwashing you and your loved ones.

Illuminati Money Obama All Seeing Eye 2

Below are some hard facts and tight evidence that the Illuminati are highly prevalent in celebrity culture. What follows will include unsurprising Illuminati mainstays like Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Obama, but there are also some pretty surprising entrances.

First up here’s Tupac, of course. Just like Amy Winehouse, Tupca was cut down in his prime when he tried to come clean about the Illuminati’s dirty shenanigans…

Illuminati Evidence Proof - Tupac Killuminati

Rihanna… she’s not even being subtle here…

Illuminati Evidence Proof - Rihanna

Barry Obama is well within the clutches of the masonry masters.

Illuminati Evidence Proof - Obama Lord of Flies

Kim Kardashian is apparently one of the highest priestesses of the Illuminati order. Watch out for her, she’ll snap your head off and drink your blood.

Illuminati Evidence Proof - Kim Kardashian

Another no-brainer — Jay Z — even his clothing is evil.

Illuminati Evidence Proof - Jay Z

Beyonce… yup, she’s in there too.

Illuminati Evidence Proof - Beyonce Satan


Now for some celebrities that you may not have realised are secreted within the sacred coven… yes FELTZ:

Illuminati Evidence Proof - Vanessa Feltz

This video gives you a few more nuggets of information about her dodgy deals with the dark side…

Osama Bin laden, obvs…

Illuminati Evidence Proof - Osama Bin Laden

Lenny Henry might be a surprise for some people, but think about it, how else would he have so many great jokes? It has to be Satan?

Illuminati Evidence Proof - Leny Henry

Henry VIII. As you know, the English monarchy consists entirely of shrouded lizards. This reptilian lineage goes way, way back. Tut tut Henry, you naughty boy.

Illuminati Evidence Proof - King Henry VIII

And last but not least in this far from exhaustive list: Big Bird. Him and Mr Snuffleupagus have been slaughtering wenches since the dawn of time and show no signs of slowing down… apparently Big Bird ate Jim Henson.

Illuminati Evidence Proof - Big Bird Sesame Street
Illuminati collection
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