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On October 25, 2014 by Tim Newman


Mickey Mouse Evil Illuminati

As many of you know, I enjoy covering the occasional conspiracy theory. But, as I always say at the start, there’s no reason to believe there is a conspiracy at work, and there’s no reason to believe there isn’t one either. I like to come at these theories with my mind ready to receive but, at the same time, a justifiably skeptical stance.

Disney is a huge corporation who have a great deal of sway over Western children’s brains. Personally, I’m not particularly sold on this Disney conspiracy, but it’s worth having a look. There are some pretty funny images to share if nothing else.

The general gist of the conspiracy is that Disney purposefully slips sexual images into their cartoons to sexualise our children from a young age. According to the theory, Disney cartoons are attempting to get kids into black magic and masonry.

That’s all pretty hard to swallow, but I watched a couple of videos on YouTube to see what they’re saying; I’ll share what I’ve found so that you can make up your own minds. I will remain unbiased at all times, of course.

Sexual Images

Disney Conspiracy Illuminati - Mickey and Minney

In my opinion, if you start looking hard enough for something, you will find it, whether it’s there or not. If you’re looking for sexual images in the Lion King, then you’ll see them.

The image below is classic. You see the lion on the left, then you see the sexy lady on the right. It kind of does look like a woman, doesn’t it? But then look back at the original image and remind yourself that it also looks like a lion’s face, and that you are just seeing what has been outlined by someone who is way too eager to see a semi-naked lady in a cartoon.

Disney Conspiracy Illuminati - Lion King Subliminal

I’m sure you’ve seen this next image on the internet before. As the Lion King lies down on a dusty cliff top, he blows some dust up into the sky… what does it spell out? A sneaky subliminal message…

Disney Conspiracy Illuminati - Lion King Subliminal sex

If you ask me, it doesn’t spell out anything at all. However, if you want it to spell out “sex” then you can join the dots up however you like. The YouTube “documentaries” I watched all claimed that there was a myriad of innuendos in the Disney films, but actually, they all mentioned the same handful of images and clips, so although these people are desperate to sexualise children’s films, they don’t seem to be able to find that many examples.

This clip from Aladdin comes up in every video about Disney conspiracies. It is a bit weird, I’ll give you that. Apparently the dialogue says “Good teenagers, take off your clothes”…



That is quite odd isn’t it? So I found the full Aladdin script online and searched for the section above. The script states that Aladdin, in fact, says “Good kitty, take off.  Down kitty.” Now, when you listen to the audio clip above once again, it doesn’t sound so weird.

Like I said, If you look (or listen) hard enough, you’ll find something sinister. But, maybe that sinister thing is in your head. Perhaps the subliminal messages are generated by your brain – you are trying to subvert yourself. Wow.

Another image that cropped up in all of the videos I watched is of this phallus in the title screen of The Little Mermaid. Yes, it kind of is a bit phallic, but it’s a big shiny tower, so it’s bound to be. You could say the same for the gurkin in London or the Eiffel Tower for that matter:

Disney Conspiracy Illuminati - Little Mermaid Gold Castle

And, even if you decide that they’ve done these things on purpose, is it because they are desperate to corrupt our children, or is it because animators like a bit of a giggle? Like this screen shot from the Rescuers:

Disney Conspiracy Illuminati - The Rescuers

… or Jessica Rabbit showing a little more than she should…

Disney Conspiracy Illuminati - Jessica Rabbit Crotch

… or this randy bishop who was later airbrushed…

Disney Conspiracy Illuminati - Mermaid Bishop

This last one is really pushing it though… seek and ye shall find…

Disney Conspiracy Illuminati - Tangled

The next question is why would Disney want to present such images to kids? What’s in it for them? What’s the point? Answers to this question vary. Some sources refer to Walt Disney being a paedophile and wanting to sexualise children for his own future gratification.

But Walt is long gone, so who’s at the helm steering the pervy boat now? Or did he leave written rules to future Disney CEOs that they must include x amount of racy images per flick?

Others think the images are for the adult viewers who watch the films with their kids. The Disney overlords want to get the couples to feel frisky so that they continue mating and producing Disney consuming children.

That’s pretty far fetched isn’t it?

The watered down version of that theory is the idea that the sexual content simply means the adults enjoy the films more without knowing why, and keep purchasing Disney merchandise. I’m not buying either of those theories, are you?

Next… bestiality…


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