Odium by Wothrosch: Album Review

On January 15, 2023 by Tim Newman
Artwork by Seth Siro Anton (Septicflesh)

Sheets of sound. Triumphant blast beats. Wothrosch’s debut album — Odium — is something to behold. Despite Odium being their first release, the album screams maturity.

Based in Athens, Greece Wothrosch is a treasure trove of dark crystals for your ears and soul.

Inspired by extreme landscapes,” Odium flings you over a cliff edge into the abyss before catching you mid-fall and slamming your body into the cliff face.

Odium doesn’t muck about. From the opening track, “Child,” Wothrosch gets straight down to business.

They build tension with flare without relying on metal tropes and well-worn routines. And there are ample black and death metal vibes to keep fans of both genres happy.

The album manages to remain sinister throughout. It’s got enough angular discords to be threatening without losing the melody.

Wothrosch rides a wide range of tempos — from blasts all the way down to some more doomish paces. For instance, the slower sections in the title track are a head-nodding triumph.

And the production is tip-top — recorded by George Emmanuel of Septicflesh and Rotting Christ fame.

The band appears to be a three-piece with N.P. on bass, Philip Dellas providing the throat-wrenching roars, and Nassos Defiant Stergiou on guitar. I’m not sure who’s hitting the drums; they don’t sound programmed, but who knows these days.

Guitarist, Defiant is a busy guy, playing in multiple bands, including Dark Vision, Dizziness, and Utkena, among others.

As it stands, Wothrosch only has 136 followers on their Facebook page. Now, I know FB isn’t the be-all and end-all of popularity, but that’s pretty surprising, given the depths and skill on display.

The word is out, though. And, according to their socials, they’re selling out of vinyl already. Good. As it should be.

Released on the Dutch label Hammerheart Records, this is a band to watch. As the label’s website says, Odium is a “Fantastic debut album on a level that other bands need at least three albums to reach.”

I feel like these guys are due to blow up. Big time. Catch them while they’re fresh.

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