Proof That Jay Z Is Illuminati – Rocawear

On September 22, 2013 by Tim Newman

Jay Z - Illuminati - Symbol - Rocawear

If you Google Jay Z and bring up a random article, the phrase “Illuminati puppet” is normally to be found somewhere hovering about. He’s not alone in the twilight zone, many pop idols, whether they are dancers, fashionistas or rappers have been tarred and beaten with the Illuminati stick. Tupac was supposed to have been killed by the Illuminati, Rihanna is apparently Satan’s tool, Amy Winehouse was an Illuminati victim and Nicki Minaj killed Whitney Houston allegedly.

As ever with these sorts of claims, the main reason why these stars get called Illuminati is because of the “hidden” symbols in their songs and videos. I put the word “hidden” in parenthesis, because if you’re putting a symbol in a video that’s going to be aired globally millions of times, it’s not exactly hidden, is it? The Illuminati believers are convinced that the symbolism being used by these artists is evil and occult in nature and they fear that the Illuminati are using the pop world to promote the occult and death.

Jay Z & The Illuminati

I’ve noticed a few articles about Jay Z’s Rocawear clothing label surface recently and it got me thinking. The search term ‘Illuminati’ gets to my site a lot. So I’ve started to wonder whether the companies that promote and style these artists are now trying to ride the Illuminati wave. Tying to deliberately put the right sort of symbols into their artist’s videos and clothing just because it now adds to the mystique.

It’s just a pet theory of mine that I’ve developed over the last half an hour, but it’s certainly more believable than a shadowy elite using pop stars to promote death to children. I mean, what’s the point of getting kids into the occult? What will that achieve? Hundreds of school kids doing Ouija boards at lunch time is not going to get the Illuminati more money.

Jay Z - Illuminati Symbols - On Stage

Anyway, here’s some pictures of Jay Z’s Rocawear clothing. The Illuminati watchers are all over this stuff. To me, it looks like they’re using the Illuminati symbols because they are now considered cool and mysterious thanks to the hype against Illuminati symbolism. Whether my theory is right or not, I don’t know. But it would be pretty funny if the people that were so worried about the symbols were in fact making them cooler and causing the increase in their use.

Hip Hop has always talked about money and success, that’s what it has always been about. All these tales of the Illuminati being mega rich are bound to crop up in their imagery. Being a Mason means being well connected and financially winning, if a rap star makes references to that should we be surprised?

Rocawear Art

Here’s a Rocawear hat, they’ve got a very unsubtle masonic pyramid eye thing stuck on the front. Let’s remember that although that is an ancient Masonic symbol, it’s also used on the American bank notes. So it’s probably just a reference to making money, or maybe it’s just because it looks pretty cool. Or maybe my theory is right. Maybe Illuminati symbolism does help sales because everyone knows what it’s supposed to mean.

Jay Z - Illuminati Symbols - Roca Wear - All Seeing Eye

The pro-Illuinati conspiracy website where I got these images says that this next design is promoting the New World Order (NWO) i.e. all currencies coming together under one group. And that this NWO is God. To me, it looks like it’s just another rapper promoting money as a religion. That’s certainly nothing new.

Jay Z - Illuminati Symbols - Roca Wear - Currency
Here’s another very unsubtle design. It’s got the Freemason’s logo, the Square and Compass, with a pyramid on the background, the eye on top of the compass and the term “Masters of the Craft”. It is completely Masonic, this isn’t just someone trying to squeeze meaning out of a subtle logo. This is definately supposed to be Masonic.

Masonic symbolism is clearly in this season. And, are the Freemasons so bad? I’ve met a couple and they seem OK. They do a lot of charity work and hang out together once a month. End of story. It’s not a cult or a religion, it’s a boys club.

Craft, according to the pro-Illuminati article, could also mean “witchcraft”. Is it possible that when he says ‘master of the craft’ he means he’s good at rapping, and that hip hop is his craft? Maybe?

Jay Z - Illuminati Symbols - Roca Wear - Masters of the Craft 2

Next, a TV showing the American flag on top of what looks like a goat’s head. You could draw a lot of meanings from this if you wanted to. The Illuminati gang say that this is showing the TV as a tool that has brain washed the American public for many years (true, true) on top of the goat which apparently the Masons love because they worship Baphomet, a goat/ devil god.

Historically Baphomet has no ties with Masonry at all. It seems to me that the anti-Illuminati gang make up symbolic attachments to the Freemasons willy nilly.

Jay Z - Illuminati Symbols - Roca Wear - Goat USA TV

The next two designs have Transformers on them, apparently the Transformer film has a lot of Illuminati symbolism in it. “Kingdom Come” is a biblical phrase, it could mean the NWO, or it could mean that his pop career is taking over the world. You decide. “I came, I saw, I conquered” is a line from one of his tracks, and of course is supposed to have been first made famous by Caesar after conquering Britain. So maybe Jay Z is just saying that he’s a good rapper and taking over the world? Yeah probs.


Jay Z - Illuminati Symbols - Roca Wear - Kingdom Come

Jay Z - Illuminati Symbols - Roca Wear - Transformer

Here’s another one that’s supposed to refer to the NWO. Or, it could just be on a slightly more peaceful vibe and be promoting understanding and a unity of Faiths in an attempt to stop religious wars and violence?

Jay Z - Illuminati Symbols - Roca Wear - One

The skull symbol is always referred to as “promoting death”. What does that even mean? Everybody dies at some point so you don’t really need to promote it do you? It’s like promoting breathing. Pointless. And skulls just look cool. Ask any heavy metal fan.

Jay Z - Illuminati Symbols - Roca Wear - Skull

This is what the website has to say about this last image:

The two headed eagle with a crown, representing a mix of gods, to create a fake messiah that the masses will accept as king. It also represents Illuminati’s control over the East and the West.

This is my interpretation: A nice picture of a two headed eagle on a snazzy background.

Jay Z - Illuminati Symbols - Roca Wear - Two Headed Eagle

Maybe one day we’ll find out that all this Illuminati nonsense is real and that the pop world really is promoting it through merchandise. I doubt it though. In my opinion Illuminati symbolism has simply become cool. Nothing deeper than that. Are the record industry rich? Yes. Are big stars like Jay Z rich? Yes. Are they being controlled by a shadowy elite? Yes, they’re called the record industry. Does the shadowy elite want to turn children into witches and wizards that draw pentagrams on their school books? Probably not. That’s not going to make them any cash, so why bother?





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