Humorous Additions By Kids To Their Textbooks And Homework

On October 19, 2013 by Tim Newman

I like jokes, as do you. Everyone likes jokes. So here’s a lovely collection of school books, homework and exam papers that have been jauntily enhanced by the pens and pencils of the world’s youth.

My skeptical internet brain wonders whether some have been done by adults and then passed off as the work of a child. But who cares. Funny is funny. Or funny = funny if you’re in a maths mood. Or lustig ist drôle if you’re down with linguistics ce soir.

Our first pupil today has used an ingenious pencil cloak to hide a question. Those pesky bears.

Defaced Text Books - Humour - Bear Covering Question

We’ve all been here before. It starts off so bold and confident. It ends tragically though, avert your eyes those of a sensitive nature.

Defaced Text Books - Humour - Equation Noose

The circle of life. Nature, red in tooth and claw. Difficult lessons to stomach as a youth. Poor Fluffy.

Defaced Text Books - Humour - Fluffy The Bunny

If you’re wondering who the dude with the do is, he’s Trần Đình Hượu a Vietnamese professor with an interest in Vietnamese literature and Confucianism. He’s published a number of titles including Confucian literature and the modern Vietnam and Some theoretical issues about Vietnam history of ideas. Both are available on Amazon and from all good educational book outlets around Asia. I made that last bit up, I haven’t looked on Amazon. Have a look yourself, lazy.

Defaced Text Books - Humour - Hair Fan

This guy has it sorted. Well, I assume it’s a bloke’s handiwork. Girls aren’t the same as boys are they. Different brains.

Defaced Text Books - Humour - Human Anatomy

Love it.

Defaced Text Books - Humour - Japan Picture Expanded

I don’t know who this guy is. I can’t type that mess of scrawls into Google can I?

Defaced Text Books - Humour - Japanese Bird Hair

A child’s imagination shows no bounds. A simple diagram covering first aid has been turned instantly into a Japanese Satanic ritual. Clever boy. Again, I assume it’s a boy. Girls brains are different.

Defaced Text Books - Humour - Japanese Satanic Ritual

NEANDERTALLICA!!!!! My favourite stone age metal band. Lars looks slightly more intelligent in this picture than he normally does. Hard rock. LOL.

Defaced Text Books - Humour - Neanderthallica Defaced Text Books - Humour - Physics Drop

This is van Gogh in his dubstep phase.

Defaced Text Books - Humour - Picasso Gangster

Meet the Fallopian bear:

Defaced Text Books - Humour - Reproductive Organ Face

The use of colour in this piece of art is exquisite. A+* Bingo.

Defaced Text Books - Humour - Russian Puke

Raunchy graphs? whatever next? The moral compass of this world has gone well and truly awry when the nation’s youth find sensuality in mathematics.

Defaced Text Books - Humour - Sexy Lady Defaced Text Books - Humour - Sushi


Defaced Text Books - Humour - Swimmer Drowning Defaced Text Books - Humour - Walrus Maths

That was nice wasn’t it?

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