Kim Kardashian = Illuminati

On December 7, 2013 by Tim Newman


HA! Love it. Everyone who’s famous is definitely in the Illuminati, that’s something you will have learned in the last few years. If you have cash but no discernible talent you are part of the New World Order, a fully inducted member of the Illuminati.

People seem to have forgotten that the actual meaning of the title ‘celebrity’ is a person with lots of cash and publicity in the absence of any visible talent. That’s always the way it’s been. There’s no need to invoke rich puppet masters and secretive cults; as long as preteens are stupid (and they always will be, it’s not their fault), idiots will rule the middle shelf mags.

Kim Kardashian Illuminati Montage

Who cares? Not me, I love it. Kim Kardashian has been the latest person to be tarred with the Illuminati stick because of the picture above that she made with an iPhone app. The old fashioned pyramid + eye image always gets the Illuminati watchers chomping at the bit and baying for answers. Twitter went nuts with accusations of her being a Satan worshiper. All because of a default theme she used in a photo manipulation app. Wow.

The tweet Kim Kardashian sent back included Illuminati spelled ‘illuminate’, if she really was a member surely she would be able to spell it correctly? Ah ha! Maybe she’s using a double bluff trick? No, she certainly hasn’t got the brains for that. Here’s her bewildered tweets:

“I posted a IG collage for my bff @BrittGastineau & people say its the illuminate! What is the illuminate? A religion?…I’m a Christian. A cult?…not into that sorry! It had an eye on it, which reminded me of Britt bc her company “eye on glam” & reminds me of against evil eye bracelets we wear. So sorry guys it was just a cool design I saw on one of those IG collage apps”

I think she’s cleared that up nicely for us.

Illuminati collection 2

I got this Kardashian Illuminati “story” from the Daily Mail, they were obviously trying to fill space that day as they included a series of pap shots at the bottom including the one below of Kim Kardashian and her daughter North. I’m doing the exact same thing here I suppose, but the reason why I’m including it is because the Daily Mail caption that went with it was such a hilarious waste of typing; they wrote underneath:

“As cute as can be: North, who was born on June 15, was dressed in a grey onesie and her tiny feet were bare”

Great attention to detail Daily Mail.

Kim Kardashian Illuminati Montage - North

I would just like to add with pride, that I genuinely don’t know who Kim Kardashian is. Proud.

More Illuminati stuff:

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