VIDEO: Evangelical Pastor Tells A Bunch Of Kids Santa Isn’t Real

On December 13, 2016 by Tim Newman


As far as I am aware, no one has either proved nor disproved Santa Claus. The debate rages on. True, there is no direct evidence for Santa, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t real.

Just to warn you, the following video will make your toes curl. It features David Grisham, an evanagelist pastor who has found a surefire way to make his low-fi videos go viral and get his (odd) message to a wider audience – he tells children Santa isn’t real.

In short, he rocks up at a shopping centre in Texas, or mall, to use the appropriate vernacular, where kids are queueing to see Santa. He then takes it upon himself to inform them that he ain’t real.

The most surprising thing about this footage is that he doesn’t get knocked out. In the end he is confronted by some dads, but they are clearly on their best behaviour because their wife and kids are around. I reckon if they bumped into him around the corner on their own later in the day, it might be a different story:



Did you cringe? Yeah, me too. In a way, Gresham is right, why do we feel the need to lie to our children about a a fat guy coming down the chimney once a year? Maybe we should just tell them it was actually us that bought all of those presents with our hard earned cash. Perhaps that would make the little brats a bit less selfish and appreciate us more?

Gresham used to be part of a group called Repent Amarillo. The first video on their FB page is pretty jokes. He talks about preventing Jihadi attacks by putting pork in the front of the bus. That way, when they blow themselves up, their blood will mix with the pig’s, they will become unclean and won’t go to heaven. Bing, bang, bong. He’ll also teach you how to make bacon bullets… this guy is not right.

Either way, Mr Gresham, there are much bigger fish to fry. You’d be better off spending all that energy helping the homeless or the lonely than upsetting middle class kids and their parents. Get a grip.






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