Elephant Vs Stick

On November 16, 2013 by Tim Newman

Happy Funny Elephant

Who would win? Elephant or stick? There’s only one way to find out…. FIGHT! You’d imagine that a flimsy stick could do little to ruffle the feathers of a mighty behemoth, but surprisingly you’d be wrong. This clip shows and elephant getting the right hump with a twig.

The elephant on the left is trying to break a twig. He carefully places the stick at an angle to try and stamp it in two. He tries and tries, but the stick is far more robust than the elephant expected. The stick remains unbroken. Stubborn stick.

The best bit is at the 1:00 mark when the elephant gives up in a convincingly human strop. They might be intelligent creatures, but no one is immune to frustration and the occasional hissy fit. I wonder why he wanted to break it in the first place?


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