Rick Ross’ Responds To Illuminati Claims

On March 9, 2014 by Tim Newman

Rick Ross Illuminati sweating satan

Rick Ross is a fella who has been steeped in controversy and drama for years. It’s worked out well for him though and his music career is booming. So you know what that means don’t ya? He’s been declared an Illuminati mover and shaker. OBVIOUSLY.

That’s the default setting for Youtube commenters these days, if they don’t understand how someone’s got rich without them noticing, they’re instantly declared a product of some kind of Freemason/Illuminati witchcraft and voodoo deal.

Rick Ross Illuminati sweating on the phone

His slow grow into the money-making machine he is today is actually a little bit more interesting than that, and pretty funny when read by someone like myself who isn’t particularly interested in the pouting and glock waving of modern hip-pop.

Many of these rising and risen stars are assumed to be Illuminati because of their “super fast” rise to riches. The real story is the same across the board, they worked hard and got good, someone injected a butt load of cash and they kept on grinding and showing off until they started hitting the headlines.

Rick Ross Illuminati Masons

Illuminati collection 2

Rick Ross was born in Mississippi in 1976 as William Leonard Roberts II. He named himself after Freeway Ricky Ross who was some kind of LA drug trafficker extraordinaire.

Rick Ross Illuminati Masons crown me

He signed up with Suave House Records then later Slip-n-Slide Records. His debut album Port of Miami was released in August 2006 and debuted at the top spot on the US Billboard 200 album chart, with sales at 187,000 units after its first week.

In March 2008, his second album Trilla was released and also debuted at the top of the Billboard 200. He’s released six studio albums now but to be honest it doesn’t seem like it’s the music that’s got him the attention, and it certainly isn’t with help from the mighty Illuminati hand either.

His perfect response to being part of the Illuminati on the next page…


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