Hip-Hop Vs Pre-16th Century Art

On August 7, 2014 by Tim Newman

B4-XVI - Ecce Homo 2 chainz

I came across this selection of images yesterday and, for some reason, I can’t stop thinking about them. They’ were slipped together by @ceciliaazcarate of M&C Saatchi NY and, for me, they’re simply spellbinding. They compare pre-16th century works of art with modern day hip-hop artists.

What makes the collection work so well? I guess it’s because modern day rap stars take themselves so very, very seriously, and, as an independent observer that doesn’t particularly appreciate their music, they come off looking a little bit silly. You know, massive gold chains, many gold teeth, a permanent grumpy grimace, wearing sunglasses inside, minimal facial hair, women’s fur coats, all the danger signs your mum told you about:

B4-XVI -  Kanye West german artist

At the same time, pre-Renaissance art has a childlike quality to it. The depictions of pomp and ceremony are grandiose but, because they hadn’t quite got perspective nailed yet, they’re kind of playful by mistake. Slightly infantile depictions of power houses.

B4-XVI - 1500 Tapiserie boy child

The medieval guys in the paintings were probably kings and priests who attained their wealth and jewelry without any skills, they were either born into it or had the right friends.

The hip hop stars, although they will have had to work a bit, they kind of just talk over music rather than demonstrate any real talent. Don’t get me wrong, I know that there is skill involved in rapping, I just don’t think the most successful artists in the genre are necessarily the best at doing it; they may well be the best connected and wealthy though.

Enough waffle. Enjoy:

B4-XVI - Christ Blessing 2 chainz B4-XVI - Deity Censer YG B4-XVI - Emperor Maximilian Kanye West B4-XVI - Fra Angelico Wedding B4-XVI - Gerard David hot sugar

B4-XVI - hands

B4-XVI - hip hop early art B4-XVI - Hugo van der Goes B4-XVI - Male Ancestor young thug

B4-XVI - Moche portrait ASAP Rocky B4-XVI - Morata Master future B4-XVI - Reliquary arm of St. Valentine 2 chainz B4-XVI - Ring of Leontios 2 chainz B4-XVI - statue B4-XVI - The Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence ASAP Ferg

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