Nicki Minaj Is Illuminati & Murdered Whitney Houston

On August 1, 2013 by Tim Newman


I’ve been looking at daft Illuminati based videos again; I simply can’t help myself. Below are some of my findings and opinions. I always precede these articles with a little disclaimer that goes something like this:

I am not a conspiracy nut, I am completely sure that the vast majority of conspiracy theories are total rubbish, but I find it all rather interesting from a social and psychological perspective — conspiracy theories are fashionable and I think that says a lot about our society today.

I like to write these articles for those of us who are still trying to figure out what this ridiculously intricate world is all about. I also write them for the people who know full well that these things are nonsense but enjoy a touch of harmless ribbing.

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This article is based on two videos, I won’t bother posting them here because there’s not a lot of point watching them, but if you’re interested you can watch them HERE and HERE.

So, the first video I watched was regarding Nicki Minaj, or Onika Tanya Maraj to her Mum. The basic vibe is that she’s an Illuminati pawn in the eternal struggle between good and evil. The hit hop rapper Lil’ Wayne discovered her in 2009 and, from there, she was rocketed straight into a pile of cash and money.

The video’s first “proof” that she is part of the shady elite is that she rose to stardom incredibly quickly. This is true, but that’s the way the music industry works nowadays. You get “discovered,” you get “signed,” they bung a butt load of cash at your “product” and “brand,” and there you go, completely flooding the media for the next couple of years or so. That’s certainly no indication of satanic rituals.

Their next claim is a pretty mad one: they claim that she was one of the lab rats in the fabled MKUltra study. In short, MKUltra was a US military program that ran from 1953–1973 where military and non-military personnel were spiked with LSD and other drugs, with or without their permission, to see what happened and how they reacted.

I know MKUltra sounds like a conspiracy theory in itself but there’s direct documentary evidence of it, and with stuff like that going on behind the scenes, is it any wonder people are making up their own stories about what’s happening behind the black curtains of the White House?

An idiot posted this pic on Tumblr saying the triangle is an Illuminati symbol and "wake up America!" Dude. It's not even a triangle.

An idiot posted this pic on Tumblr saying the triangle is an Illuminati symbol and “wake up America!” Dude, it’s not even a triangle.

MKUltra stopped in the 70’s (apparently) and the CIA and the military gave up experimenting with most types of drugs a while back. They stopped experimenting with them, not because of concern for humans, but because they are so very unpredictable.

What sorts of compounds they test these days I don’t know, I don’t want to know, well…. I would quite like to know, actually. But whoever they test on now, I bet it isn’t budding rappers from Queens. And what is their line of evidence for this palpable guff?: It’s the fact that she purports to having multiple personalities.

Nicki Minaj Illuminati

Who Is Nicki Minaj Roman?

When interviewed, Nicki does talk about a certain number of characters that live within her: Barbie, Roman, Martha, and Rosa. Nicki says that as a child her parents constantly argued and she would withdraw into different characters as a means of respite. There’s nothing particularly odd about that. She still talks about them, but in a playful “I’m wacky” kind of way.

Someone who really does have multiple personality disorder or dissociative disorder (which is what the video maker is saying) can’t distinguish between real and fiction, which Nicki clearly can. So what does this prove about her being in the Illuminati? Nothing.

Maybe she is mentally ill, but she doesn’t seem it, and even if she is, what does that have to do with being a Satanist? Maybe she was involved in government testing, which is unlikely, but even if she was, what would that prove? Or… maybe, she’s just playing up for the cameras? Yeah, that sounds more likely to me.

Nicki Minaj Is Illuminati Forever

Nicki’s cousin Nicholas Telemaque was shot dead. A tragic murder. This to the Illuminati buffs is pure proof that she is a member of their dark fold. Why? Well, two days after he was killed she released a song which she had recorded two years prior called “We Miss You”.

In that song there is more “evidence:” it includes the lyrics “why’d you leave in July” – he was killed in July. The word “agenda” crops up, that, of course, means the Illuminati agenda etc. etc. etc… None of this means a thing.

Illuminati collection 2

Soon after the murder, her single “Super Bass” rocketed up the charts, as the maker of the video says “coincidence? I don’t think so.” Jeeeez that’s a stretch… This film’s author also mentions that “Super Bass” pops up in the related video section of Youtube even if it isn’t related. Errrr… that’s called spending a butt load of money on making sure your artist appears everywhere.



The second video titled “Nicki Minaj Murdered Whitney Houston For Illuminati Satanic ritual” doesn’t actually mention Nicki Minaj much at all. Of course, they say Houston was murdered by the Illuminati but not why, or how, or who, just a crutch load of numerology and nonsense. Here’s a quote:

Whitney Houston’s daughter nearly drowned in the same bath tub just 24 hours before Whitney drowned. Coincidence? I think not

…Oh Lord.

Nicki Minaj Is Illuminati Satanic Murderer - Wearing A Cloak

I won’t bore you with too much about the second video because it’s the worst of all of the videos I’ve seen in regards to how vague it is. It reckons Whitney Houston was murdered in a Satanic ritual. After all, she did die in room number 434 (4 + 3 + 4 = 11 which is an evil number, obviously).

So Is Nicki Minaj In The Illuminati?

The video also tries to convince us by showing waffle that American news reporters use to fill the gap between segments. Just because a flustered news anchor is filling dead air by saying things like “who pushed her under that water” does not make it any more factual than if I said it. And I’m an idiot. Another proof is that on the day that Whitney died, the Pope elected 22 new cardinals…… OMG WTF has that got to do with anything?

Nicki Minaj Is Illuminati Satanic Murderer - One Eye Symbolism

They’re obsessed with “one eye symbolism” thanks to that pyramid with an eye on it which is an “Illuminati symbol”.

The video makers show footage of Jennifer Hudson singing at a tribute concert, the light behind her head represents Lucifer (it’s just a white stage light btw), there are 11 lights above the audience (11 is a Freemason death number remember) and when the light appears to come from her eye it’s a symbol of murder….. I mean….. could it not just be a light that they put on because it was dark?

They also show a clip of Whitney’s remembrance service where the pulpit has a symbol of a cross and a crown. The video explains that this is a very common christian symbol, especially popular with Catholics, but then directly underneath that explanation it blurts out…. it’s associated with Freemasons and the Knights Templar too. Just weak. Very weak indeed…

Is Minaj Evil Or Not?

In a word: nah. It seems to me that people nowadays put way too much importance on pop idols. I don’t care about American pop music, and neither does the vast majority of the rest of the world. It’s a shame that the people of earth have been lied to so much by governments that many have to resort to literally making stuff up to try and make sense of it all.

Pop stars rise to fame fast, then they crash and burn under the strain. It’s not pretty, but I don’t see how it helps a shady bunch of money-making world-controllers. If they were going to be anywhere, they’d be in the oil game. Oh yeah…. they are.

One of the big Illuminati sites to watch if you’re into finding triangles in pop videos is, I went on there to see how he was getting on and was surprised at what I found. He posted up her last two videos — “Up In Flames” and “High School” — and in both cases he claimed he couldn’t find any symbols. Maybe Minaj has given up the Satan worship? Or maybe Illuminati Watcher has lost his mojo?

Either way, Minaj ain’t doin’ herself no favours hangin’ out with this dude:

Nicki Minaj Is Illuminati Satanic Murderer - With Bishop Whore of Babylon

Here’s a video that sums it all up for me:


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