MH17 Conspiracy Theorys

On July 23, 2014 by Tim Newman

MH17 Conspiracy theories

If something happens on the news, anything at all, the masses scream “CONSPIRACY“! So MH17 has drawn its own theories of course. And I suppose in a way you can’t blame people for repeatedly crying wolf, so much bad stuff goes on you want to blame someone; and there is a lot of stuff that goes on behind closed doors, it’s called politics and/or business.

Politicians couldn’t tell us everything they got up to for a number of reasons: a) we would get really bored, b) in cases of national security some stuff has to be kept quite and c) some people are pretty dense and likely to take more subtle points the wrong way. This would then cause extra expense to try to get them to understand what you were saying in the first place.

So MH17 has drawn the normal foray. Here’s some examples of the major conspiracy theories in brief:

Attempt At Putin’s Life

MH17 Conspiracy - Putin's plane and MH17

Of all the theories that are being bounded around this one sounds the most believable. The theorists are saying that the CIA were trying to assassinate Putin. It wouldn’t be the first time Russians have been eliminated by American agents though and vice versa.

This theory stems from the fact that MH17 was just 40 minutes earlier than Putin’s plane on pretty much the same trajectory. Also the plane’s colours look pretty similar to Putin’s jet. I suppose Putin is getting to be a bit of a pain in the rear for America at the moment. Is it that far-fetched? Well, fairly yeah. The fact that they messed it up actually makes it more believable though.

MH17 Conspiracy - crash

However, the pro-Russian rebels are being pretty unhelpful with the clear up which they wouldn’t be if it really had been an attempt on their boss’ life. The other side of the conspiracy coin is that Ukraine tried to frame Russia by shooting the plane themselves and getting USSR in the bad books. Hmm.

Illuminati Theory

MH17 Conspiracy - obama

The Illuminati were bound to show up weren’t they? Everyone knows that the Illuminati watchers can’t get enough of numerology. They think it is evidence and proof. All you need to do is bung a couple of 7’s into the mix and they are jubilant with their shonky sums:

MH17, a Boeing 777, maiden flight was on the 17th July 1997 – exactly 17 years ago… hullabaloo!! And of course we’re still in the 7th month of 2014 (2+0+1+4=7).

Many doomsayers are convinced that the Illuminati are trying to start WWIII because they’re losing their grip on the world. Blogger wrote:

“I followed the previous Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 (exhaustively) and concluded that it must’ve been aliens”

…that’s what we’re dealing with here folks. He continues (I’m assuming it’s a ‘he’)…

“one of the first conspiracy theories to surface, and until we hear otherwise I’m sticking with it. In that MH370 conspiracy theories post I referenced the fact that the alleged Illuminati might have been involved due to the number 777 being tied in. You’ll notice that this MH17 was also a Boeing 777.”

Illuminati collection 2

Israel Did It

MH17 Conspiracy - israeli rocket launcher

If the CIA theory is the best of a bad bunch, this is the worst by far. How can Israel have possibly been involved, and why? Conspiracists are saying that it was an attempt to drag the media away from the rocket fire. Well, if that was their plan it didn’t work did it!

People in any country only get limited news, there’s a lot going on in the world all of the time, obviously. So if two pretty major things go off that are deemed of interest to the West, links are automatically drawn by our pattern loving brains. In reality there were major events all over the globe this week. We just didn’t get told about them because our brains are too small and the news too short.

For instance, this week Chinese police arrested six cult members after a woman was bludgeoned to death at Shandong McDonald’s, a Thai school bus crash killed fifteen and 30+ people died in a Namibian aircraft crash. Just FYI the Namibian flight number was 470.

Other theories centered around the pristine condition of the passports that were found. And you know what? It is weird that the passports are in such good condition isn’t it? But I know as well as you that if someone was going to fake an air disaster and show the passports to the media they would at least rip the edges and burn them a little bit. Even a dunce would know passports couldn’t survive a crash.

MH17 Conspiracy - prisine passports

I guess if there was no fire though, the passports would be safe in the over head compartments cushioned by hankies and paperbacks.

Others are saying that MH17 is one and the same aircraft as MH370? So where’s it been all this time? It would have defo run out of fuel surely? There’s plenty more theories in the sea I’m sure but that’s enough for tonight. It’s all a bit silly isn’t it.

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