Israeli Street Art In Telaviv

On June 24, 2014 by Tim Newman

Israel Street Art - Telaviv - Foma 3

Wherever there’s division and tension there be art. There’s also art where there’s unity and peace. I guess you could say there’s art everywhere. How about that? Yup I think that covers it. Ever since us humans have been using those opposable thumbs of ours we’ve been making shapes and symbols.

What does that say about us? We’re the only species that really creates art for its own sake. Bower birds creat beautiful nests and collections of trinkets but they aren’t just for fun, they’re for attracting fussy women birds to enter their den. Humans are unique, not neccesarily better, but certainly an odd case in the history of the natural world.

Here’s some street art from Telaviv, Israel


Israel Street Art - Telaviv - Ame72 2

Ame72 and Know Hope

Ame72 and Know Hope - Telaviv Street Art


Israel Street Art - Telaviv - Ame72

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