Horrific Israeli Teen Tweets

On July 11, 2014 by Tim Newman

Palestine loss of land US funded

A chap called David Sheen who writes for Mondoweiss recently posted up some pretty shocking screen grabs of tweets from young Israeli kids. He searched for the word “ARAVIM” which is the Israeli term for Arab and what he found was genuinely appalling.

He found a barrage of insults and death threats against Palestinians which needs to be seen to be believed. You shouldn’t wish this sort of terror on any humans, let alone the rightful owners of the land that’s being fought over. American cash and weaponry allowed Zionists to sweep into a once relatively peaceful country of Muslims, steal their land and make them second third class citizens. What’s OK about that?

Strangely, a great majority of these vehement tweets emanated from young affluent females. Of course, young, rich teenagers aren’t exactly renowned for their thoughtfulness, but the tirade that streamed from their fingers is genuinely disgusting.

Sheen translated the tweets and put them next to their profile pictures in a bid to name and shame I suppose, but also to emphasise the incongruity of it all. The children involved (because that’s really all they are) can’t be held fully responsible; they must have got this terminology and point of view from somewhere. The fact that this venom was so easy to find speaks tomes about the way Palestinians are regarded in “polite” Israeli society.

Here’s a few of them. I hope your blood boils too.

Israel Zionist Teen Tweet - anger Israel Zionist Teen Tweet - anti arab Israel Zionist Teen Tweet - horror Israel Zionist Teen Tweet - rich Israel Zionist Teen Tweet - smile through the rage Israel Zionist Teen Tweet - young and hateful Israel Zionist Teen Tweet - zionstandup

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