Ivan Solyaev: More Bleak Artistry From Moscow

On July 5, 2014 by Tim Newman

Ivan Solyaev - Pluto

Ivan Solyaev (born in 1985) is a Moscow based graphic designer, illustrator and all round general artist fella. I came across him whilst putting together the Beautifully Grotesque post that went up last weekend.

Solyaev’s stuff is really disturbing without being horror based or gory in any way. In some ways it’s even a little playful at times. Solyaev’s work is uncomfortable but you can’t stop looking because the familiar forms are hidden in swathes of synthetic shadow.

See what you reckon…

Ivan Solyaev - two screen Ivan Solyaev - nightmare face Ivan Solyaev - human form Ivan Solyaev - creepy head


Ivan Solyaev - hand Ivan Solyaev - dark art

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Ivan Solyaev - dark and shade

I could find virtually nothing out about Solyaev, but on his Vimeo channel there’s a video of him drawing for 45 minutes condensed into 6 minutes. It’s amazing to watch him create; quite hypnotic…

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