Elisa Lam Illuminati Conspiracy Theories

On November 16, 2013 by Tim Newman


I posted an article about the mysterious death of Elisa Lam a few weeks back, if you missed it here’s a brief recap: Elisa was a Canadian student who was found dead in a massive water tank on top of Cecil Hotel in downtown LA in February 2013. The case has an air of mystery to it for many reasons; there’s a weird video of her in a lift the night before she died, the roof and the water butt are alarmed, yet she managed to get in there and be dead for three days before being found. She was naked but her clothes were never found. Here’s a link to the original article for all of the deets:


Quite possibly the simplest possible explanation of the events goes like this:

The janitor, or security guard, had forgotten to alarm the door to the roof and the water tower. Elisa Lam was suffering a mental breakdown and got onto the roof. In her maddened state she went in for a swim and drowned. Later the janitor realised he had left the roof unlocked and un-alarmed so returned to sort it out; he saw Lam’s clothes but saw no one around so he cleared them away, locked up the water container and locked the door behind him to cover his arse.

Elisa Lam - Illuminati Conspiracy - Water Butt

That’s possibly what happened, but I suppose we’ll never know unless the janitor or security chap comes forward.

But, as with anything faintly mysterious (or not mysterious at all) the conspiracy gang will make up some Illuminati based jazz to go along with it. This is a good one, you’ll like this, it’s split into a few different topics so here we go:


TB is currently making a bit of a come back in the downtown LA tramp population. Experts are worried it might start being a real problem again. Around the time of Elisa’s death there was a well reported outbreak in the vicinity of the Cecil Hotel. OK, so where’s the connection? Well, here’s the name of a new TB diagnosis test – LAM-ELISA. Yeah! That kind of is a pretty cool coincidence. But what would be the point of that? Well the argument is that the government/Illuminati/New World Order/Masons are trying to cover up the TB problem.

Now, call me a negative ninny but that doesn’t make very much sense. News sites and papers were running with the TB stories as well as the Elisa Lam case so it didn’t work. And the TB problem is being addressed, so why should it be hidden? And on top of that, what a totally bizarre way of covering something up?

Dark Water – Film

This is another pretty cool coincedence, and I say conincidence because that’s all it is. In 2005 a Japanese horror film called Dark Water was remade for American audiences and it included a malfunctioning lift and a girl being found dead in a water tank on top of an apartment block.



The people in the block complained of getting ‘black water’ out of their taps, just as the residents at the Cecil Hotel had before her body was found. Pretty weird huh? The daughter in the film was called Cecilia (like the Cecil Hotel yeah?).

Elisa Lam - Illuminati Conspiracy - Elisa in Lift Video

What is possible, is that Elisa saw the film and in her mentally sensitive state decided to act it out, or was subliminally inspired by it. Who knows. Another thing to point out is that there are quite a lot of movies, and so there’s a massive range of scenarios that have been played out on the silver screen. Are we really saying that Hollywood preempts murders? Or plans them?

Get ready for some bonkers “cloaking device” theories on the next page…


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