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On May 23, 2013 by Lazer Horse

Tupac Illuminati Tattoo

I’ve always been a fan of conspiracy theories, they make you think. Having said that, I don’t subscribe wholeheartedly to any of them. I tend to court them but never take them to bed. I did a post a few months back on Rihanna being Satan’s tool and I find it interesting, really from a psychological point of view more than anything.

Recently I’ve been getting some Google hits on the site for search terms such as “Tupac Illuminati” etc, and I didn’t know anything about it so I watched a documentary to see what they were chatting about. I certainly wasn’t sold, but the whole thing was a lot more interesting than I’d thought it would be. What I’m going to do here is a kind of critical synopsis of the documentary I guess, except it won’t be as classy as that description makes it sound.

Illuminati Rihanna Jay Z Hand Shap Triangle

The video starts out by saying that people like Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Jay Z are always throwing up illuminati, triangular finger shapes for a reason – they are controlled by the Illuminati and as such they are representing their ‘owners’ and chatting purely about sex and money to keep the country’s youth stupid and fame-obsessed. The argument is that as soon as an artist breaks from this pattern and starts talking about what’s really going on in the wider world i.e. corruption, wars, capitalist control – they get snuffed and the media spotlight moves away from them, or worse.

Tupac’s Political Aims

I didn’t know anything about 2Pac really, I knew he was a rapper that got killed and that was it really. I never realised that actually, when he was interviewed he was an intelligent guy that spoke about illegal wars and oppression. He comes across as an erudite young man, and he was young, just 25 when he died. What I also didn’t know is that he was planning to get into politics with MC Hammer and Snoop Dog (or Lion Dog as he’s now calling himself). Me in my big white palace could find all of that amusing, but the reality is that their combined fan base of disenfranchised poor people in America could have actually made a fair difference at the polling stations. Who else are the starving, underclass, black majority going to vote for? But that’s all conjecture, and the point the documentary maker is making is that the Illuminati or white elite, were scared of his oratory and sway. Probably true.

Madonna Illuminati Superbowl Ritual - RIDICULOUS

What Do They Really Mean By Illuminati?

What I did get from this documentary is that Illuminati, as a word, is really interchangeable with the phrase “the man”. Illuminati seems to have been watered down a bit and the term is really taken to mean, the guys at the top with the cash as much as anything else. Before his death, Tupac promised that “before the next election…we will have our own political party”. I’m guessing the whiteys at the White House probably did get wind and probably were scared. Would they kill to keep control? Damn right they would. Did they kill Tupac? We’ll never know.

Anyway, I’m literally jumping the gun, before they assassinated him they are supposed to have set him up for rape charges (read 2Pac & Ayanna’s account in this thread). Ayanna Jackson claimed to have been sodomized by him and his friends against her will. Whatever happened on that night we will never know. But what is truth is that forensics found no sign of forced entry (anywhere), no traces of semen etc. It may have been a set up, but it certainly is no sure thing that the illuminati or anyone else were in on it. His mates could have set him up, she could have set him up for the money…. or, maybe he actually did it.

Illuminati collection


Whatever actually happened, he went down. The conspiracy theorists posit that he was sent down on a rape charge so that when he came back no one would respect or listen to him. That statement is true enough but you can’t use it as evidence that he was set up. A lot of conspiracy theorists make these kind of arguments where they say that a certain outcome – e.g. someone was discredited, to mean that some shady organisation orchestrated it. The shady organisation may have been pleased that he was discredited and it may have worked in their favour but it certainly doesn’t act as proof that they organised that discrediting.

Obama Illuminati - Hilarious Picture





The rape charge didn’t keep him down though, on his release he was as vocal as ever. So in 1996, in Las Vegas, after a Tyson boxing match, a Cadillac pulled up and Tupac was shot, he died 7 days later in hospital. To add fuel to the conspiracy flames, the case of who shot Tupac has never been closed. No witnesses could be summoned and their leads all ran dry. Further fuel was piled on when Yaki Kadafi (Yafu Fula), part of Tupac‘s band Oultawz, was shot  a couple of months later. If big government did snuff out the rising star, that is exactly what would have happened, no one would have talked. What if it was a gang based murder? It would have been the same outcome. An unsolved murder is no case for conspiracy.


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