Illuminati News – FCC Microchip In Keyboard Spies On You

On October 20, 2013 by Tim Newman

FCC - Illuminati Crowd

As you know, I enjoy keeping up with Illuminati news. To this end, I regularly take a stroll through Illuminati YouTube videos to see what the panic de jour is.

Today I watched the video below, produced by a super paranoid YouTuber called Truthrep. He’s so paranoid that, as he speaks, he doesn’t show his face, he says this is to ensure that they don’t “increase the amount of harassment” he already gets from them. He doesn’t expand on what form the “harassment” takes.

What’s most worrying about this visually dull, content low video is that it has well over 700,000 views. To put that into perspective: that’s loads. He also says that YouTube was set up by Illuminati so that they can easily monitor what people are saying about them and that they’ve already deleted 5,000 anti-Illuminati videos. That statement is backed up by the word “FACT” in capitals, so I guess it must be true.

FCC - Illuminati Money Symbol

What he doesn’t explain is why there are thousands upon thousands of other anti-Illuminati videos up there (including his own) that haven’t been touched? Maybe it’s because, even if they are real, the videos make absolutely no difference to them at all?

Anyhow. What intrigued me the most was his panic inducing comments about your computer’s keyboard. That’s right, the one sat in front of you right now. He advises that if your keyboard has an “FCC” logo on the back of it you are being monitored. He advises that the FCC put a chip in there so that they can see what you are typing and make sure it’s not negative towards the Illuminati. FACT.



A chip? In your keyboard? Well, it’s not beyond the realms of sanity to put a chip in a keyboard, but why would they bother? It’s already easy enough to monitor what you are looking at on the internet, posting on the internet, where you are in the world and what you last bought from Ebay. So why put it in the keyboard?

Also, even if the FCC were putting spy chips in each keyboard, why would they put their sticker on it? Surely they would be better off not advertising their tampering?

This is similar to the whole all-seeing-eye-on-the-bank-note conspiracy. If the Illuminati are so secretive, why would they advertise themselves on a piece of paper in every pocket in America? And, on the same note – why would the Illuminati put their symbols in children’s films if they are so clandestine?

FCC Logo - Illuminati

So who are the FCC? They are an independent agency of the United States government and this is their mission statement:

“… make available so far as possible, to all the people of the United States, without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, or sex, rapid, efficient, Nation-wide, and world-wide wire and radio communication services with adequate facilities at reasonable charges.”

That sounds OK, doesn’t it? So I looked a bit further and read something called the “Paranoid Newsletter” which starts like this:

“This newsletter is for the person who takes their privacy VERY seriously. Lets face it, America is a POLICE STATE. Anything the government doesn’t like is now considered terrorism. What would our founding father say if they were alive today! How is the government eroding your rights you ask? Through Terrorism and Sex offender scares of course! Today’s politicians can pass all kinds of laws that destroy Americans freedom because the average citizen is lazy and stupid.”

FCC - Illuminati Badge

He’s pretty much hitting the nail on the head there. But as always with these Illuminati/conspiracy theorists, they sort of kick themselves in the head by saying something which kind of rings true, but then banging on about mad stuff. If they could stick to the facts there may even be a successful movement waiting in the wings. The number of people on YouTube and other sites that talk about the New World Order and other nut jazz is huge. If they could combine their drivel into fact nuggets they would have some real clout.

The US of A is undoubtedly partially brain washed by sappy news channels and skewed reporting. Why not just concentrate on breaking that down, rather than summoning aliens and covert surveillance of your keyboard?

Anyway, I’d better leave it there, I just noticed my keyboard has the FCC logo on the bottom. So I guess the US Government will be hounding me soon and rifling through my smalls whilst I’m at work. Uh oh.


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