Indonesian Nazi Bar? Come Reich In!

On July 20, 2013 by Tim Newman

This isn’t a joke, there really is a Nazi, Hitler themed cafe called Soldier Cafe (Soldaten Kaffee) in Indonesia. This oddly furnished cafe resides in West Java’s provincial capital of Bandung. It sounds nuts,...

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Pictures Of Vladimir Putin Looking Like James Bond Action Hero Man

On July 17, 2013 by Tim Newman

Vladimir Putin, international man of mystery. These images of him posing as a bona fide action hero have spread across the known world in a flurry of testosterone. Their purpose is to appeal to manly...

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Japan Trend Shop – A Selection Of Weird Things To Order From Japan

On July 14, 2013 by Tim Newman

I found this online shop called Japan Trend Shop, it has a wealth of mad “only-in-Japan” style gadgets nestled among it’s sushi covered pages. It’s well worth a browse if you’re every feeling sad...

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Russian Dash Cam Catches Driver Smashing Into Children

On July 14, 2013 by Tim Newman

Two kids escaped injury this week, and they’re pretty darned lucky. Some Russian fellow was going 18 mph, the wrong way down a one way street. His dashboard camera, installed for insurance reasons,...

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‘Dancing Squid’ – Eating Zombie Cuttlefish

On July 13, 2013 by Tim Newman

I found this appetite destroying video ages ago and thankfully forgot about it. Now I’ve remembered again I desperately want to re-forget. To share my distress around like a shower of germs, I...

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Racist Fox News Plum Makes Toddler Cry With A Ball To The Face

On July 12, 2013 by Tim Newman

The only good thing about round the clock news in America is the increased potential for things to drift awry. There’s been a glut of news gaffs these last few weeks which makes...

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VIDEO: Drunk Woman Completely Ruins Wedding

On July 10, 2013 by Tim Newman

This video has been around for about 6 years and clocked up 1.5 million views, and it has earned every single one. As the title says, a drunk girl, who is dancing like a...

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Incredible Algae Covered Beach In Qingdao, China

On July 7, 2013 by Tim Newman

These aren’t exactly images of the sort of tropical beach you might want to hang out at, it looks more like the bog of eternal stench. But this Chinese algae jungle has become...

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Russian Doctor Beats The Crap Out Of A Defenceless Heart Patient

On July 6, 2013 by Tim Newman

I woke up in a good mood today, that’s a rare pleasure, so I decided I would write something. You know, share my joy with the world, make it a brighter place. I...

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Maths Teachers That Look Like They Should - Professors

University Maths Teachers That Look Exactly Like Maths Teachers Should – The Professors

On July 4, 2013 by Tim Newman

So, the simple premise for these two posts is a collection of pictures of people that teach Maths at University. I plucked them fresh from the websites of The University of Sheffield, The University of...

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