Racist Fox News Plum Makes Toddler Cry With A Ball To The Face

On July 12, 2013 by Tim Newman

Brian Kilmeade - Fox News - Racist - Makes Titus Cry Basketball

The only good thing about round the clock news in America is the increased potential for things to drift awry. There’s been a glut of news gaffs these last few weeks which makes writing short articles a lot easier for me. So thanks news hungry America.

The latest boob comes to us courtesy of Brian Kilmeade. Apparently Titus Ashby a two year old toddler kid is a bit of a media stir at the moment because he can throw a ball in a hoop. Don’t get me wrong, he is freakishly accurate for a pint sized player, but is it news? Anyway, at least it’s not some Islamophobic rant or a winge about modern hair cuts. So, Titus is showing off again (I blame the parents) and Brian Kilmeade, professional pillock, lobs the ball in his face and makes him cry – LOLcano of mirth.



And if you are left in any doubt as to whether Kilmeade is a plum or not, here’s a video of him being racist, saying the Swedes and Finns are purer because Americans marry other “species”… Lord, please take him off the air:




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