‘Dancing Squid’ – Eating Zombie Cuttlefish

On July 13, 2013 by Tim Newman

Lazer Horse Squid - Zombie Dancing Cuttlefish

I found this appetite destroying video ages ago and thankfully forgot about it. Now I’ve remembered again I desperately want to re-forget. To share my distress around like a shower of germs, I thought I’d pop it up here for you to regret watching too.


The clip features a dish called odori-don which is a bit of a delicacy in Japan. It’s a cuttlefish dish, which isn’t surprising in itself, although I’ve not had the pleasure of trying cuttlefish personally; from looking at it I imagine it tastes a bit like squid. I’ve watched a video of someone eating this “delicacy” and when the guy tucks into it and tries to bite off a tentacle it’s clear the texture is probably even more rubbery than squid if you can imagine such a thing.

Dancing Squid - Japan Ori Don - Cuttlefish Zombie

Before serving they pour soy sauce on this fishy corpse which reacts with the cuttlefish’s nervous system. The sodium in the sauce triggers a muscular response thanks to residual ATP (the molecule that gives cells their energy) still in the muscles. This reaction causes it to do a little impromptu zombie dance straight from the grave. Quite, quite horrible. Here:




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