Incredible Algae Covered Beach In Qingdao, China

On July 7, 2013 by Tim Newman

Qingdao - Algae Beach - China - Holiday - Covered in Algae

These aren’t exactly images of the sort of tropical beach you might want to hang out at, it looks more like the bog of eternal stench. But this Chinese algae jungle has become a bit of a tourist hot spot for the locals. They say that the algae is healing and refreshing for the skin. Maybe it is, but I bet it isn’t. It looks gross.

Qingdao - Algae Beach - China - Holiday - Old Man Chilling In Slime

 Zhanqiao Pier, Qingdao in the eastern Shandong province is the home of this other worldly vacation spot. Farmers using an excess of fertilizer have been blamed for the unprecedented algal blooms of the algae Enteromorpha prolifera. The site hosted the volleyball and sailing for the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and took 10,000 volunteers to clear. Since then it’s simply returned with a vengeance.

Qingdao - Algae Beach - China - Holiday - Runner

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Qingdao - Algae Beach - China - Holiday - Net shake

The algae basically chokes all of the rest of the marine life in the sea. But the humans are having a lovely time…

Qingdao - Algae Beach - China - Holiday - Kid Swimmer

More mad pictures and an insane video of the beach from the air on the next page…


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