Japan Trend Shop – A Selection Of Weird Things To Order From Japan

On July 14, 2013 by Tim Newman

Japan Trend Shop - Kuwaete Sukkiri Tongue Exerciser

I found this online shop called Japan Trend Shop, it has a wealth of mad “only-in-Japan” style gadgets nestled among it’s sushi covered pages. It’s well worth a browse if you’re every feeling sad or alone. I’ve collated some of my personal favourite items if you’re in a rush to checkout.

Egree Cat Pyjamas

Initially I laughed hard because it looks ridiculous, then I read the blurb and these are actually for moggies who’ve had an operation. It stops them scratching, or getting dirt in their wound, so it’s actually sort of sensible but it still looks completely jokes. Just $79 per suit if you’re interested?:

Japan Trend Shop - Egree Cat Pyjamas

They also sell Egree cat hats if you’re looking for a cheaper option:


Sat 119 Eco Throwable Fire Extinguisher

Japan Trend Shop - Sat 119 Throwable Fire Extinguisher

As above, I thought this gimmick was ridiculous, as if a bottle of anything would be any help in a real fire situation. Then I watched this video and it turns out it is absolutely brilliant. It contains 500ml of ammonium phosphate dibasic and ammonium bicarbonate, and has the extinguishing capacity ten times that of water. But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what $61 could buy you, it’s like a reverse Molotov cocktail:



See, you’re not laughing now are you? It’s AMAZING!

Agaru Sleeping Kogao Hammock Face Mask

If you are worried about retaining your beauty and youth (I know I am), then maybe you could ask Santa for one of these face hammocks? They keep your face “small” and therefore youthful. Simply pop this bad boy round your jowels every night and you shall remain forever young. For the reasonable cost of $37. I’m a bit short this month so I just dug a couple of elastic bands out from behind the sofa, it hurts a bit, but no pain, no gain, hey?

Japan Trend Shop - Agaru Sleeping Kogao Hammock Face Mask - Diagram Japan Trend Shop - Agaru Sleeping Kogao Hammock Face Mask

Sonic Hour Beer Head Froth Maker

No head on your beer? WORRY NO MORE. I have the solution, the sonic hour beer head froth maker is here to save the day. Simply put a little water in the base, press the button and away you go, you are free to enjoy a refreshing beer, head and all. All for just $79.

Japan Trend Shop - Takara Tomy Ultrasonic Bubble Frother

Check out their mind boggling ultra sonic product range here:



More on next page including, a face exercising mask that looks like a torture implement…


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