Clinton Conspiracy: Was She Wearing An Earpiece During The Debate?

On September 30, 2016 by Tim Newman

Half-baked news-mongers have been run ragged recently over a shocking bit of conspiracy wafting. Certain people have declared in public, out in the open, for all to see, that Clinton was cheating during her presidential debate with all-round noob – Trump. Shocker.

A rumour has been circulating that she was wearing a wire in order to receive prompts from afar. This, if proven to be true, ladies and gentlemen, would be classed as CHEATING.

Where do I get my information from? I hear you ask – The Sun and the Daily Mirror, thanks very much; both solid, reliable stalwarts of the publishing world.

I also took a look at the write up in the Catholic Online, because their journalistic creds are RIGHT UP THERE WITH THE BEST. They ask:

“Was it a microphone? A medical pump designed to inject medication? How about a receiver to pipe responses into Clinton’s ear?”

I’m not sure if anyone really cares whether Clinton cheated or not, she was always going to verbally dance all over the stupid troll man. My only concern is that if she is shown to have cheated, we might have to watch it all over again, and no good could come of that.

Everyone knows Trump has no idea what’s going on and is a total liar (apart from his fans who wouldn’t be swayed against him either way). It’s all pointless. So what do you reckon guys and gals?:


Who cares, right? Some people claimed she was wearing a “cough preventing machine” to hide her ill health. LOL. That’s not even a thing.

However, we shouldn’t worry ourselves too much. As Snopes point out, she was wearing a microphone which would require a battery pack. Additionally, you could clearly see her ears during the debate and there were no wires running to either of them. Perhaps she is a lizard and can hear through her throat?

Sorry Trumpers, you’ve failed again. Catholic Online – shame on you.

That has to be one of the most boring and easy to clear up conspiracy theories I’ve ever covered. Here are some better ones:




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