Chemtrails: Evidence At Last

On September 21, 2014 by Tim Newman

Chemtrail hoax - big engine contrails

I wrote an article on chemtrails a little while back and it receives a fair bit of traffic. Some visitors want to know whether there’s any truth to the chemtrail theory and others simply want their unerring confidence that chemtrails are real to be affirmed.

The conspiracy clan is a strange bunch. They’re happy to believe maddeningly complex theories with only tiny shreds of “proof” but when you return their arguments with actual evidence or basic reasoning they are disgusted that you insult their intelligence. They’ll call you a “blind sheep” or something along those lines.

I just don’t get it. As I always say, there are loads of undercover groups, shadowy elite and military experiments going on. Of course there is, especially in America where they have massive military budgets and a butt load of space.

But let’s stop to consider what these chemtrail people are saying. The chemtrail worriers are concerned about this so-called geo-engineering. Geo-engineering is a real thing and it includes cloud seeding (making clouds rain) and other environmental modification like attempting to reflect more of the suns rays back up into the atmosphere to calm down global warming. The governments of USA and the UK have been discussing these things since the 40’s and 50’s but there’s no evidence that they’ve been spraying neurotoxic clouds into the air on a regular basis.

The website is a site dedicated to images of “chemtrails” and hard “evidence”. Here’s a few photographs of contrails… er… I mean chemtrails… that their readers have sent in…

Chemtrail hoax - contrails 2 Chemtrail hoax - contrails

Chemtrail hoax - thin clouds

Not very impressive are they? They’re just contrails and clouds.

One line of evidence on GeoEngineeringWatch did intrigue me though, they put up a link to a genuine government report which spoke of geoengineering and its advances. I clicked on the link with an almost religious fervour. I like being proved wrong when the real answer is more interesting than the one I had. I would be happy to receive some information from an official source that says “yup, we’re mucking with the atmosphere… shhh… don’t tell the others”. But what I found was much, much lamer than the conspiracy website lead me to believe.

Chemtrail hoax - protestors

So why was I so disappointed about this report? The report – Engineering The Climate: Research Needs And Strategies For International Coordination – which you can read for yourself, is nowhere near as exciting as they were banging on about. Firstly it isn’t a leaked document, it’s available to purchase or download for free. Secondly the intro starts out by saying how the global warming thing is a real worry and to combat it we need to stop using fossil fuels as much and cut down on greenhouse gases etc. It goes on to talk about the possibility and the danger of using other methods to either control weather or make an impact on global average temperatures. It doesn’t mention experiments or secret efforts to brainwash children via vapour clouds.

However, say this about the document…

In spite of the concerted and powerful effort to hide the reality of the ongoing geoengineering programs, the masses are beginning to awaken to the fact that we are all being subjected to a horrific global experiment. An experiment that is quite literally putting all life on Earth at risk. An ever growing mountain of evidence already proves beyond doubt that global geoengineering is an absolute reality. Any that do an objective evaluation of the available evidence can come to no other conclusion.

But the document itself says nothing of the sort. They’ve got their wires crossed on a global scale. But wait there’s some evidence in video form!…


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