Eye-Shaped Cloud Sparks Illuminati Theories

On September 9, 2016 by Tim Newman


Right. First things first: WOW THAT’S A COOL CLOUD.

Now we’ve got that out of the way, this is the crux of the matter: a bunch of people saw this picture of a cloud and, rather than going – “what a neat cloud.” They all went down the crazy route and started panicking about the Illuminati (again).

The photo was taken in Astana, Kazakhstan by a photographer, known only as “1shustry;” he said that he didn’t even notice the eye in the sky at the time he took the picture, it was only when he looked back on it a couple of days later that he realised what he’d snapped – a portent of the end times  (my words, not his).

Of course, the Illuminati claims came in thick and fast. We’ve all seen the Illuminati eye stuff, right?:


Apparently the all-seeing eye is one of their favourite symbols and they like to put everywhere (even though they are a secret society shhhhh). Why do the Illuminati like the eye symbol so much? No one knows, but it is DEFINITELY Illuminati.

Basically, if you ever see an eye anywhere (that isn’t a face) then it’s the Illuminati. In fact, even if the eye is on a face, but one of the eyes is being covered, that’s the Illuminati, too. Like this:


The Mirror have called it a “rare cloud formation.” But, really, if you think about it, every time a cloud moves, it makes some kind of pattern that has never existed before, so they’re all rare. This one just happens to look like a piece of human anatomy, so we’ve noticed it.

Humans are so human-obsessed aren’t they? It’s just a cloud, guys.




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