Disney Conspiracy & Illuminati Theories

On October 25, 2014 by Lazer Horse


Disney Conspiracy Illuminati - Beauty and the Beast

Many of Disney’s themes involve animals, or part animal/humans, like the Little Mermaid. Some worry that these images of half man-half beast hark back to pagan gods and animist worship. Beauty and the Beast is a particular worry because, according to some, it is promoting intercourse between women and animals.

I think it’s a bit unfair to blame Disney for this. Stories and legends of mythical beasts and monsters and other unbelievable things permeate all cultures throughout all of written history. If anything, it would be weird if they stopped including half human creatures and talking dogs, etc.

Freemasonry & Disney

Disney Conspiracy Illuminati - Devil Horns - Alladin

Aladdin Devil Horns

Walt Disney was a Mason, apparently he was a 33rd level Mason, which is pretty high up, that’s no surprise though – he was loaded.

Now, you can take his Masonry as you want to, some people believe the masons and Illuminati are forces of darkness that cover the earth with money and magic. I’m inclined to believe they’re a boys club that holds charitable events and hangs out regularly.

There’s certainly a bit of “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” going on, but it can’t be any surprise to anyone that there are clubs where the rich and the powerful hang out and look after each other.

Disney Conspiracy Illuminati - Devil Horns - Alice

More Disney Devil Horns

This really boils down to whether you believe there is power in black magic, witchcraft and devil worship. Personally, I think that if black magic was powerful, it would already be illegal in the US and the military would use it on a regular basis. They don’t use it, and it’s not illegal, so it can’t be much good.

Disney Conspiracy Illuminati - Dumbo Dream Sequence

Dumbo dream sequence with Illuminati pyramids

Why would Disney want to turn children into Devil worshiping Satanists? Dunno. To believe in this part of the conspiracy, you have to believe that there is a New World Order being beckoned in, and that Disney is helping prepare children for the changes that are afoot.

Walt Disney Logo 666 Satan

A 6, then a backwards 6 and then something that’s nearly like a 6

The Illuminati style symbols used in Disney’s films are indoctrinating our kids so that when they first see them in the real world, they will feel warm towards them and unthreatened.

Disney Conspiracy Illuminati - Dumbo Dream Sequence eye

Dumbo dream sequence – Illuminati all seeing eye

I’m more worried about ISIS and global warming than a couple of pentagrams and some chanting. Maybe one day it will turn out that I was wrong and that Disney really have twisted our children’s brains. But many of these children that grew up watching Disney are now adults, and I’m not saying the world is a wonderful place full of hope and love, but we still seem to be getting on with it and there’s been no New World Order installed (yet).

I would like to see some graphs plotting the amount of Disney films watched per child per country against GDP, levels of reported happiness, amount of witchcraft and violence. I wonder if there would be a trend? I reckon there wouldn’t be and I’m certainly not going to spend my weekend trying to get those figures into a spreadsheet.






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