Crisis Actors: Fact Or Fiction?

On December 31, 2014 by Tim Newman

Crisis Actor meme

Crisis actors, if you haven’t heard the term before, are another “smoking gun” in the conspiracy / New World Order / Illuminati lovers arsenal. These crisis actors are alleged to be employed to act out phony crises to fool the American public into thinking there is a huge amount of danger around them all the time.

It sounds too bizarre to be believed, but some conspiracy theorists believe that large-scale disasters, terrorist attacks and murders are completely staged by the US government to strike fear into the general populous. The recent Paris horrors have been added to the list of these so-called staged events.

It’s true that the American news does seem to revel, rejoice and bathe in the turmoil and upset of the world; American news programmes are chocked full of exaggeration and forced tears, but this is a few long steps further down the path.

This image showing “the same” person at three different cataclysms went viral a few years back:

Crisis Actor - Fact Ficiton - Aurora Boston Sandy Hook Same Girl

The meme, which clearly shows different people, has already had another brown haired girl added to it from the Paris attacks.

According to the crisis actor cult, these actors are paid by the Department of Homeland Security to act as though something horrific has just happened. The example that is banded around the most is the Sandy Hook massacre.

This school shooting saw the deaths of 20 children and 6 staff at the end of an individual nutter’s gun. According to conspiracy buffs this whole thing was nothing more than a mock up. They believe that the entire tragedy was orchestrated by the DHS and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Because it was, according to them, a made up event, that means that every single upset parent and teacher was a paid actor. It would also follow that everyone in the small town would have had to be in on the scam. Now, some people can keep secrets, but an entire town keeping a secret that big and dirty is difficult to swallow.

I watched a few videos which claimed to contain evidence of the existence of these crisis actors to see what the word on the street was…


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