Chemtrails: Evidence At Last

On September 21, 2014 by Tim Newman


Chemtrail turbulence

My brother sent me the video clip below, he flies planes and finds this chemtrails stuff as amusing as me. The website that hosted it – – had this to say about the video…

A pilot of a commercial airliner made a mistake that PROVES the existence of “CHEMTRAILS” — by forgetting to turn them off before he landed!  We have video of the plane landing while still spraying CHEMTRAILS as it hits the runway.  This is the first empirical evidence to back-up claims made people, smeared as “conspiracy-theorists,” who claimed airlines are being used by government to spray aerosols into the air without the knowledge or consent of the people being sprayed.  With proof like this, the public now has legal standing to file lawsuits, utilize subpoenas and force discovery of evidence.  The 1 minute blockbuster video appears below.

Despite the fact that the plane is landing in foggy weather, the emission of chemtrails is unmistakable; their existence cannot be denied or explained-away by weather.  First, the trails are NOT coming from the back of the jet engines.  Second, the trails are not merely water trailing off the edges of the wings because as the plane passes, in addition to the wing trail emissions, there are clearly SPRAYS coming out of several sections at the rear of the wings in clear addition to any water that may be washing off the wing during landing.  See for yourself.

The real worry should be that contrails, which are basically human made clouds, really are changing the world’s atmosphere. That’s not a conspiracy, that’s just true. Human aircraft produce thousands of clouds a day, of course that’s going to make a difference, whether or not they’re laced with Adamantium or whatever.

The problem with a lot of these chemtrail folks is that although they’re talking about science and physics and chemistry and aviation, they rarely know anything about it. You don’t get any pilots in the chemtrail brigade – maybe that’s because they would lose their jobs if they spoke out!!!! Yeah, right, but not every pilot has a job as a pilot and please…. change the record. Here’s the video…



Like I wrote in my last chemtrail article, the sky is filled with wonderful phenomena that you miss every day. If you start paying attention to the clouds regularly and on a daily basis you will notice weird and beautiful things that you’d never seen before. These new structures are only new to you because you never looked before. That petrol effect on the edge of a cloud, the bright light that appears far to the right and left of the sun some evenings, the odd colours of a noctilucent cloud. It’s all natural, you just never looked before.

Here’s a comment by a user in one of these chemtrail debates. I like his attitude so I’ll leave you with this:

All it takes for me to be convinced of something is for someone to say, “Deny, Deny, Deny and watch my children die”. Really sad that people can be swayed by garbage. Lots of talk about harm to people but no one saying why the govt would want to kill us. If we are dead who pays taxes and who fights wars? You do realize that there are PEOPLE who work in govt. They are just like you. Govt employees are not cyborgs waiting for humanity to die off so tey can step in. Govt is made up by your neighbors and family.

There is pollution in our environement that is killing us. It comes from petro-chemical companies, coal fired power plants, oil refineries, battery plants, coal mining, lead mining etc. It is no secret conspiracy about what those corporations are doing. Why not start with the people that don’t hide the fact that they are polluting. That is the low hanging fruit. Once we have cleaned up all of their pollution everyone will have their own spacecraft and each person can decide for themselves if the govt is spraying us. Also before we decide about chem trails we need to pay reparations to Vietnam because we know for a fact that we sprayed them with chemical agents.


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