PHOTOS: The Skies Of Brighton And Beyond

On March 17, 2019 by Tim Newman

I am an amateur photographer; I am so amateur, in fact, that the only camera I own is attached to my phone. I’m also a huge fan of the sky. These two things combined mean that I take an inordinate amount of photos where the sky is the protagonist.

Recently, I became a member of a Facebook group — Brighton Skies — where people share photos they’ve taken of the great blue yonder. It turns out that there are thousands of like-minded folk living locally, which has given me hope: perhaps I’m not that unusual, after all.

Also, being a member of Brighton Skies has inspired me to both take more pictures of the sky and enjoy the ones that I have already taken.

I decided to collate some of my recent favourites and turn them into a post. Here is that post. The vast majority were taken in and around Brighton and its surrounding towns.

If you don’t like photos of the sky and heavy-handed abuse of filters, you might want to look away now…

The photo above was taken from Brighton General Hospital. The mood created by a dense sea fog was matched by the mood in the room in which I was staying.

The photo below shows a sundog (the faint spot and arc on the right of the shot). Sundogs are created when ice crystals align and reflect the sun’s light in unison. Poetic and beautiful.

Whenever the sun is low in the sky and the clouds are high and thin, you should look out for these little lovelies:

Arguably the most scenic bus stop in Sussex:

The photo below, taken from my office window, provided me with a brief glimpse of fame. Local rag, The Argus, asked if they could use it. They said that they would credit me in the print version, which they did. I also requested a backlink to my website when they published it online; that is not a great deal to ask, seeing as they were getting a GRADE A photograph for free — which they used as their header image.

They said that would be fine and that they would add the link. But, guess what? They never put the link in and, also surprisingly, every time I contacted them to request a link, they ignored my messages.

Basically, don’t let them use your photos, they’re liars and cheats.

Clouds can even make public toilets look picturesque:

Thanks for scrolling through. Here are some other things you might like:




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