The Flag Of The People’s Republic Of Brighton & Hove

On June 2, 2015 by Muelo

Peoples Republic of Brighton and Hove - pier at sunset

If you come to Lazer Horse every so often, you probably know that we’re a bit of a fan of the flag. Not in a ‘this is the flag of our country which is better than yours, if you disagree we’ll thump you in the face‘ way, but in an appreciation of design way:




. . . Also, if you’ve read a fair few of’s wondrous articles, you may have figured out that its core of writers reside in a sovereign state known as the United Kingdom, often shortened to ‘the UK’. What may be harder to deduce from our articles, is whereabouts in the UK that we do our thing. Well, we’re going to tell you: it’ll be the grand olde town (not so long ago became a city) of Brighton & Hove, in the southern part of the little country of England.

Recently, (if you aren’t from round here) there has been an election in the UK. For those of you who aren’t familiar with how elections go down in this corner of the globe, voters base their votes on something along the lines of this:

1) Their favourite colour and which candidates share their preference.

2) Which leader of a particular party is the best at eating stuff:

David Cameron eats a pastry during an election campaign stop in 2010 Farage Eating Miliband Eating Nick Clegg Eating

3) Which politicians are fictionalised in the best (or worst) story lines in various daily distributed comic books.

4) How they think they themselves or the people they want to win, will get the most money and stuff, often based on a complete absence of economics knowledge.

5) Or, which party most hates the people: who come from a different place, who don’t speak the ‘normal proper’ language, who may be slightly more tanned; and who are not so prepared to participate in the age-old cultural sensibilities of the natives, like getting really drunk at the weekend and vomiting and urinating everywhere.

. . . maybe it’s not so dissimilar to how it rolls where you are?

This time round in the UK, quite a lot of the people decided blue was their favourite colour, and the blue people’s main man said stuff about stuff in a pleasant-sounding way. He was also involved in some really good plots and storylines in the most popular comic books.

Peoples Republic of Brighton and Hove - Brunswick Squar

However, Brighton & Hove, decided to do its own thing. Rather than get freaky with blue people, like the majority of the rest of the country and their neighbouring areas, it decided to shake its booty with red and green people. In fact, the 70 odd thousand people in Brighton were the only people in the whole of the UK that decided green was their favourite colour!

Although many in Brighton & Hove were happy that most other people in the city also liked green and red a lot, because there were still more blue people than green and red people around the rest of the UK, the blue people could have more influence on how things were going to roll in general. I imagine the green and red people who weren’t so pleased with the way things had been rolling for the last few years, believed things were going to continue in the same vain for the next few years. In what vain is it likely they thought things were going to continue rolling in the future? Maybe THIS gives you a possible insight . . .

EU inequality Poorest Areas and Richest Areas Infographic

As the green and red people of Brighton and Hove were particularly upset about the way things were likely to pan out in the future, they decided enough was enough. So what some of them decided to do, was declare an independent republic for the people of Brighton and Hove to separate it from the rest of the UK. Sort of.

Here’s a vid telling you more . . .



If you want to support the fledgling microstate with its struggles . . . CLICK HERE.

Anyway . . . . flags. As you no doubt know, any self-respecting state in this day and age, is going to want a flag, and that is precisely what the People’s Republic of Brighton & Hove got itself. All this time LH has been getting lovey dovey with all these cool flags, often for various sovereign states around the world, then all of sudden, up pops a ‘wannabe’ sovereign state right on its door step, with its very own flag! Ha! So, here it is:

Peoples Republic of Brighton and Hove

Pretty fresh, huh?

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