What Does A Balloon Bursting Under Water Look Like?

On February 21, 2015 by Tim Newman

Balloon Bursting Under Water Slow Motion

Slow motion videos of literally anything are cool, the internet seems to be addicted to them too. I’d happily watch a slow motion video of you scratching your arse and be transfixed for half an hour. I’ve seen pigeons taking off in slow motion, people being smacked in the face, robots falling down the stairs, Mugabe tripping over, all in excruciatingly wonderful slo mo; This is a new one on me though:

It’s an air filled balloon being burst under water. It’s normally a balloon full of water being burst in the air, but this is the opposite way round. Shall we see how it goes?

Is it pointless? Yes, my word is it pointless. But it’s also weird and magnificent.


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