Here’s Some Pretty Cool Balloon Art

On June 30, 2011 by Tim Newman

Balloon Moth

Balloons have never held much fascination for me to be honest. I hate the sound of them inflating, I detest the squeaky sound they make as they are manhandled by children, and I can’t stand the noise of them bursting.

That being said, I am happy to look at photos of them. They can’t hurt me from there.

I came across a bunch of balloon creations the other day so I thought I may as well dump them here in case anyone is interested.

The first set are courtesy of a Japanese guy who makes impressively detailed animals out of balloons.

The rest of the pictures are a random mish-mash from various balloon artists who will have to remain nameless. Oh, just so you know, it’s called “airigami.”

Fill your boots:

Balloon Turtle Balloon Seahorse Balloon Mouse Balloon Lizard Balloon Jellyfish Balloon Goldfish Balloon Balloon Baboon Balloon Deer Balloon Bull Balloon Dinosaur Balloon Flamingo

Balloon Art - Anatomy Ziggy Stardust Bowie

best-balloon-art-dinosaur best-balloon-art-lizard best-balloon-art-woman

Balloon Art - Muppets - Big Bird

Balloon Art - Muppets - Old Grey Haired Chaps Made Of Balloons

Balloon Art - Biplane In A Pub Bar Type Place


Balloon Art - Dinosaurs - Insect Creatures On Beach

Balloon Art - Muppet Type Characters

Balloon Art - Fashion Dress Balloonwear

Balloon Art - Finding Nemo

Balloon Art - Green Princess - Dress Made Of Balloons

Balloon Art - Jason Heckenwerth - Turbine

Balloon Art - Dragon

These next two are by balloon art god  Jason Hackenwerth:

Balloon Art - Jason Hackenwerth 2 Balloon Art - Jason Hackenwerth

Balloon Art - Weasel Drinking Pint Of Beer

Balloon Art - Mr Potato Head

Balloon Art - Super Hero

Balloon Art - Yoda - Star Wars

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