“In the animal world. Homeland must know the heroes in the face.”

On November 13, 2014 by Tim Newman

drunk russian teenagers vandals

So. I just found a video of some youngsters in the Russian city of Perm vandalising a lift in an apartment block in the Russian town of Perm. The title I’ve used: “In the animal world. Homeland must know the heroes in the face” was a phrase used in the Russian article wherein I found the video, I’m assuming that Google Translate didn’t quite nail their linguistical job correctly in this instance.

I also used the title to suck you in. I thought you might think that I was being subtle and interesting, and you might be tempted to dip your toe in to see what gwan. I suckered you. This is just a video of some plum-headed youths being vulgar.

Unlucky. You’re here now though so you may as well watch it. It will probably make you feel a little bit dirty, then superior and then dirty again.

THE MAIN EVENT – Drunk Russian youths trying to break a CCTV camera in a lift, failing and then smashing a mirror (that was the alternative title BTW).

I promised you nothing..



Told you didn’t I?

Russian Collection on LAZERHORSE.ORG


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