Great Goat GIFs

On July 31, 2014 by Tim Newman


I did a post a while back that showcased photos of goats in strange places. It was at that point in my life that I finally realised just how amazing goats really are. Before that point I thought that sharks, or gorillas, or anacondas were the best, I was wrong. I mean, those animals are cool but goats are the best, and by quite a long way. Goats have a lot of the kinds of attributes I look for in a person. They are pretty dumb, they’ll eat anything and they’re great at jumping about.

I came across this selection of incredible goat GIFs this morning and suddenly my day seemed a little less pointless and a lot more excellent. I realised that if I treated life with the same healthy disregard as these goats I would be much happier, if a little more bruised. So I’m passing the baton of joy onto you my dear friends…

Great Goat Gif - Riding Tortoise

What? Poor guy:

Great Goat Gif - Umbrealla Faint


Great Goat Gif - Unhinged


Amazing Goat Gif - acrobat 2

They can perform in complete unison. It’s as if their minds have melded:

Amazing Goat Gif - acrobat

This feisty nutjob is called Buttermilk…

Amazing Goat Gif - Buttermilk 2

Buttermilk is brilliant at life…

Amazing Goat Gif - Buttermilk

Can this really be real? Yes, and do you know why? Because it’s a GOAT:

Amazing Goat Gif - fake

Perfect GIF loop with a perfectly loopy goat:

Amazing Goat Gif - lovely loop

For the full video of goats playing with sheet metal click here:

Amazing Goat Gif - metal play

No fence too tall…

Amazing Goat Gif - over the fence

More great goat GIFs on the next page…


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