Chinese Serow: A Strange Goat Antelope

On December 26, 2013 by Tim Newman

Chinese or mainland serow - Capricornis sumatraensis - front

Had you ever heard of a Chinese or mainland serow before today? Well here she is. The unsung Asian hero of the goat world: the serow. A flowing mane, horns and a psychopath’s glint in his eye. This picture below was taken by a trap-camera in Laos…

Chinese or mainland serow - Trap Camera Laos

They’re funny looking fellows and no mistake but, for some reason, popular culture has passed them by. Everyone’s seen a whale, or a dolphin, or a tiger, lion, antelope, wolf… blah, blah. But no one gets introduced to the serow as a matter of course. I don’t know why, they look great.

Chinese or mainland serow - Side Shot

These comedic goat antelopes live in China and South East Asia and have a bristly protective outer coat. Perhaps that’s why they aren’t top priority at a petting zoo? Scratchy fur is generally a no, no in that sort of environment I guess.

Chinese or mainland serow - Capricornis sumatraensis - in the zoo

The Chinese serow is a relative of the gorals and mostly found in the forested mountainous regions of central and southern China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand. They’re most at home on steep, rugged slopes but are also able to swim to nearby islands if they fancy a change of scene.

Chinese or mainland serow - Capricornis sumatraensis - in the road

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I hope now that you have been made aware of this gaping hole in our collective knowledge of wildlife you will for ever more speak highly of the Chinese serow.

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