VIDEO: Strangest Military Parade I Have Ever Seen – Thailand

On January 25, 2014 by Tim Newman

Impressive wave parade thailand

The whole military parade thing is a pretty strange affair in general. You dress up in your finery and ponce about a bit. But they’re nothing compared to this. I came across the video below on a Russian website, but the video is set in Thailand. The parade sort of starts of as you might expect but then it takes a left turn straight to weird town.

They start doing all of this slow motion ripple effect stuff. Quite, quite bizarre. If I was watching from enemy lines I wouldn’t be frightened, but I would have a new level of respect for my opposite number and possibly be less inclined to shoot him between the eyes. Do you think that’s the purpose of this bizarre escapade?

It takes place at the Armed Forces Day Parade in Thailand’s Sattahip District and it is MEGA.

Asia Collection

Whilst we’re on about weird parades, here’s a photo from a Nazi themed parade for a school sports day in Thailand back in 2011. It just doesn’t have quite the same  meaning over there. I guess they aren’t taught about it at school and they certainly weren’t bombed by the Nazis. And let’s be honest, if it weren’t for the connotations, it is a pretty cool and striking flag design isn’t it. The school apologised after complaints of course:

Thai School Sacred_Heart_Nazi_Parade 2 Thai School Sacred_Heart_Nazi_Parade

And here’s an article about a Nazi themed cafe in Indonesia if you’re in the mood: Soldatten Kafe – Indonesian Nazi Bar. Or maybe you’d like to see some pictures of South Korean Nazi fashion?

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