VIDEO: Vietnamese Monster (Whale?) Found

On November 22, 2013 by Tim Newman

Whales of the World - Vietnam monster video - long body

Someone sent me this short video the other day and it’s pretty cool. It’s supposedly a massive monster that’s been dug out of the ground and is being hoisted onto the back of a truck. Have a look, it’s like Tremors.

As you can imagine there has been a right old YouTube comments hubub about the beast. The origin of the video seems a bit confused and no one knows when this happened or why. One YouTube user says that the crowds are actually speaking Khmer rather than Vietnamese so it’s probably filmed in Cambodia rather than Vietnam.

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There’s no evidence on the video that it’s being dug out of the ground either, so my money is on a beached whale. Whales get disorientated and ground themselves every so often. Or simply die and wash onto shore. It’s not super common though which explains the crowd, I’d want to watch if something that big washed up next to my beach hut. Whales look so lovely and graceful in the water but they’re not so athletic on the land apparently.

Whales of the World - Vietnam monster video - old picture

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In the “whale’s” mouth you can see what might be the baleen plates they use for sieving the the sea for mini-beasts. It defo has a fin on it’s back although it seems a bit small for a whale, but when you look at the diagram of the whales below the video, my money is now on the blue whale, it’s got a tiny fin and a long slender body.



Blue whales can hit 30 metres in length, and that sort of seems about right from looking at the video, don’t you think? The blue whale is also fairly slender looking rather than being one of those chubby-chubby fat-boy whale s like the wright whale or sperm whale.

We’ll never know for sure but I think we can safely and unfortunately say it’s not an actual monster. Stand down Kevin Bacon. I wonder what they did with the body? They were obviously transporting it somewhere? I hope they ate it, that would feed a lot of people for a long while. According to the internet, whale meat is high in vitamin E and selenium which is handy.

You can make candles out of whale oil, and use it in the manufacture of cosmetics, soap and leather. So I hope these Cambodian gawpers get some use out of it, that would make a lot of candles.

Whales of the World - Vietnam monster video


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