Great Goat GIFs

On July 31, 2014 by Tim Newman

This one is great because he leaps like a Lord and takes out a child:

Best Goat Gif - accidental headbutt

Do you think they even know how cool they are?

I’m not sure they do…

Best Goat Gif - feeding time

Not quite bright enough to recognise their own reflection though:

Great Goat Gif Butt His Own Reflection

Fun with humans #1:

Best Goat Video - human fun 2

Fun with humans #2:

Best Goat Video - human fun

Best ice skid EVER:

Goat Gif - ice slide

Thirsty boy:

Great Goat Gif Drinking

Fun with pigs:

Goat plays on pigs back

And you thought base jumpers were hardcore? They ain’t nothin’ on a goat:

Incredible Goat Gif - cliff diver

For no other reason than he can:

Stunt Goat Gif 2

… same here…

Stunt Goat Gif


Great Goat Gif

Even the jumpiest animals on the planet – horses – don’t mind mucking about with goats:

Stunt Goat Horseplay 2

… see… doesn’t even lift an eyebrow. Goat and horse harmony. We could all learn a thing or two about this kind of love…

Stunt Goat Horseplay

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