25+ Hideous Ukip Quotes

On May 19, 2014 by Tim Newman

11) Francesco Speroni

Ukip Quotes - Francesco Speroni EFD racist

Ukip is part of a group known as Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD), Farage is co-leader with Lega Nord’s Francesco Speroni (above). Speroni isn’t Ukip per se, but I think it’s fair to tar Ukip with their white as snow brush. He described the madman mass murderer Anders Breivik as someone whose “ideas are in defense of western civilisation.” Mario Borghezio (below), another member of the group also said that some of Breivik’s ideas were “excellent”.

Ukip Quotes - Mario Borghezio EFD racist

Farage knew that this was a tiny step too far and asked Borghezio to apologise. Borghezio didn’t even pretend to say sorry he went on a mad rant which included this terrifying splurge:

Long live the Whites of Europe, long live our identity, our ethnicity, our race… our blue sky, like the eyes of our women. Blue, in a people who want to stay white.

This spurred Ukip to leave EFD… oh no, hang on a minute, they’re still part of the EFD. Great.

Farage, in an interview with Andrew Marr in January 2013 said…

Ukip is the only UK party to explicitly ban BNP members from joining

… I think she doth protest too much?


12) Stuart Agnew

Stuart Agnew

Stuart Agnew, Ukip MEP for the East of England, let this belter out of the bag:

If you look at the people who get degrees more, women get them and they are getting the jobs in the workplace but for various reasons they don’t have the ambition to go right to the top because something gets in the way. It’s called a baby.

…it’s not particularly offensive in the grand scheme of Ukip-isms, but it’s still pretty moronic.

13) Farage

Ukip Quotes - Farage

Farage defends his stance on banning the burqa in certain public buildings:

I can’t go into a bank with a motorcycle helmet on. I can’t wear a balaclava going round the District and Circle line.

Farage after a no-show at an event in Wales, blaming immigration for his tardiness:

It took me six hours and 15 minutes to get here – it should have taken three-and-a-half to four. That is nothing to do with professionalism, what it does have to do with is a population that is going through the roof chiefly because of open-door immigration and the fact that the M4 is not as navigable as it used to be.

Farage being interviewed on Fox News, talking balls about Islam in Britain:

So wherever you look you see this blind eye being turned and you see the growth of ghettos where the police and all the normal agents of the law have withdrawn and that is where Sharia Law has come in

14) Lord Pearson

Ukip Quotes - Lord Pearson

If you were in any doubt as to whether Ukip had well measured ideas and a firm grip on stats and figures Ukip peer Lord Pearson nails it…

The Muslims are breeding ten times faster than us… I don’t know at what point they reach such a number we are no longer able to resist the rest of their demands.

I would have put a “LOL” at the end of that if it wasn’t so frighteningly insane. (PS: he looks like Dracula.)

15) Marta Andreasen

Ukip Quotes - Marta Andreasen female member

UKip has one MEP of the female persuasion left – Marta Andreasen – and she threatened to leave after painting Farage in a slightly poo-brown shade, she called Farage an “anti-women Stalinist dictator” whose view is that “women should be in the kitchen or in the bedroom”.


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