BNP Cookery Show: Nick Griffin’s Beef Stew

On January 9, 2014 by Tim Newman

Nick Griffin - BNP - Cooking Show Beef Stew

Yup, this actually happened. It’s not a joke, well it is a joke, but not on purpose. Nick Griffin, after receiving complaints that people didn’t have enough to eat, decided to show the BNP massive how to make a British beef stew.

The whole video is below if you can handle it, and it was featured on the jazzily named BNPTV. But here’s some highlights if you’re in a rush or simply can’t bear to listen to the racist plum for half an hour:

‘Different things make different times to cook, so you’ve got make sure that the things that take the longest are done first.’

‘English cooking is back at the top, where it should be.’

‘Incidentally, the word “curry” first appears from a cookery book during the reign of, I think it’s Richard II, 13th century… so don’t let people tell you that you have to have huge numbers of immigrants to have good cooking.’

‘We’ve got a Mexican restaurant in a town not far from here. The place isn’t swamped with Mexicans. You take the recipe – that’s really all you need.’

‘… the weights are all in nonsense grams’ – did you know that one of the BNP’s policies is to restore original weights and measures? I mean what’s the point in that? Idiots.

Despite being declared bankrupt last week he has a lovely kitchen doesn’t he? Here’s his recipe for beating the Tory blues…


Hopefully, if this video does well, he’ll do more. Great.

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