25+ Hideous Ukip Quotes

On May 19, 2014 by Tim Newman

6) More Godfrey Bloom

Ukip Quotes - Godfrey Bloom bongo bongo

Godfrey Bloom is a fairly prolific dipstick when it comes to unbelievable quotes. You may remember him referring to countries that received UK aid as “Bongo Bongo Land” – that statement is a genuine display of open mindedness if ever I heard one. He also claimed that aid was being spent on fighter planes in Pakistan and sunglasses. Yes, sunglasses.

7) …and Some More Bloom

Ukip Quotes - Godfrey Bloom ITV Walk out

Here’s another of Bloom’s bloomers on the smoking ban:

The maniacal anti smoking Adolf Hitler I suggest would not dare, had he won the war in 1945, to invoke such a rule on English gentlemen.

8. Bloom

Ukip Quotes - Godfrey Bloom 4

Bloom on the mourning after Diana’s death in 1997:

Weeping and bawling reminiscent of an Arab nation at a state funeral where the culture demands heart on sleeve behaviour on such occasions. That the British had come to this made me deeply embarrassed… I sincerely hope never to see the like of it again.

9. Bloom

Godfrey Bloom formerly of ukip

Bloom on anti-hunt protesters:

The foam flecked, snarling, class warrior, bed sit dwellers who sit knitting balaclavas and surfing porn on the net.

10. Bloom

Ukip Quotes - Godfrey Bloom 2

More from the Bloomster on NHS waiting list beefs, this guy is a goldmine:

If everybody had to pay a crisp £5 note for the benefit of an appointment, only returnable if the visit was actually merited, you would find that you could cut waiting times and the numbers in waiting rooms and free up doctors to actually help people who have a serious problem.


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