Bloke Who Left Deer Head In Tesco Goes On Axe Rampage

On February 1, 2014 by Tim Newman

James Hyett - Axe - deer head saffron walden

Some of you who’ve been watching closely over the last few months may have noticed a story come out about a mysterious man who left a decapitated deer’s head in a Tesco in Saffron Walden.

Those that have been watching even closer may have also seen the follow up story where the deer killer was caught – 33-year-old James Hyett – but released without jail time.

Well here lies the next chapter of the story and it gets even more nuts:

On November 10th, he tried to break into an office at Henlow Car Sales in Henlow, Bedfordshire, smashing a window and trying to force open a door. He then smashed the rear window of a BMW on the forecourt. Next, he went to Clifton Cuisine in Broad Street and stabbed a tyre of a Land Rover Discovery with a knife. When chased by a restaurant worker, he stopped and with the axe in one hand and the knife in the other, said: “Come on then”.

Action! When asked why by the judge he said he had bought a Porsche at the car sales place 10 years earlier and it turned out to be “no good”. Now James, there are proper channels for complaints, there’s no need to get all axe-weildy about it. Apparently he’d drunk three litres of vodka in the three days prior to the incident which may explain his slightly jaunty view on things.

He’s obviously got some mental beefs so he was given a 24-month community order with supervision with a mental health treatment requirement to help him tackle his issues with alcohol.  There was also a demand for £900 compensation to Henlow Car Sales and £250 to the poor owner of the Land Rover.

Half of me hopes we won’t hear from him again, but the other half can’t wait for the next tale.

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