Man Who Dumped Decapitated Deer Head In Tesco Freed

On August 31, 2013 by Tim Newman

James Hyett - Decapitated Deer Head Tesco Saffren Walden

Some of you with good memories for weird news may remember the mysterious incident of the decapitated deer head that was left at a Tesco checkout. The story was set in Saffron Walden and at the time caused a bit of a stir. There was a deer head left on the check out and guts liberally spread about in the bread isle.

The mystery has now been solved. It was a chap called James Hyett, he had been sacked by the store and was apparently going through a bit of a breakdown at the time and has pleaded guilty and apologised for the incident.

His lawyer said it was very out of character and he was going though a difficult time. He received a suspended sentence and a bill for 250 smackers for the clean up.

I’m glad this has all been explained, it was one of those stories I thought we would never get to the bottom of. I still have a question though:

Where did he get all the dead deer paraphernalia from? They don’t sell intestines in Tesco? At least not packaged as such?


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