The Best Of The Selfie Olympics

On January 5, 2014 by Tim Newman

IncrediSelfies - Bathroom Dinner

The selfie. What a horrible word, what a horrible concept. People showing off, or showing off their baby, or showing off their stupid carpet or new sunglasses or beard or whatever. An abhorrent abomination created by the internet users of the world.

Having said that, we’ve all done it so we may as well get over it. These photos were compiled by the www and show some of the most top notch selfies the universe has ever inspired. Top them if you dare.

“The Selfie Game 2014″ is a FB page that got set up a while back and went nutzoid with nearly 50,000 likes in a couple of days. The page seems to have disappeared now, so don’t bother visiting them, stay here, I got the best…

IncrediSelfies - Bathroom Chill IncrediSelfies - Bathroom Class IncrediSelfies - Bathroom Gangster IncrediSelfies - Bathroom Ledgend IncrediSelfies - Bathroom Limber

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