Human Ingenuity & Problem Solving At Its Best

On December 1, 2013 by Tim Newman

This post is a high five to humans. It’s a tribute to that capacity to make do and mend that gave us the hand down from the trees we needed and allowed us to break free from the twisted circle of life.

We all stand tall in the animal’s kingdom with our comparatively huge brain cases and opposable thumbs that are the envy of our more hirsute cousins.

Hold your left arm in the salute position as you scroll merrily to the bottom. Humanity may not be doomed after all, not with genius like this in our ranks. No sir…

Lost the front wheel to your bike and need to do a weekly shop? No problem:

Human Ingenuity - Bike Trolley

Don’t want to/can’t afford to go to the gym? No problem:

Human Ingenuity - Bread Roll 6 Pack

Smashed your wing mirror but don’t know how to fix it and don’t want to be intimidated by mechanics at the local garage? No problem:

Human Ingenuity - CD Mirror

Got a melon to share but no knives? No problem:

Human Ingenuity - Chain Saw Melon Chop

Luke warm Champagne and no fridge or ice? What a nightmare! Stop right there. It’s no problem:

Human Ingenuity - Champagne Chiller

Aaaagghhh.. salami without a knife at the summer picnic?! Has anyone got an old CD drive? Ah great. No problem then:

Human Ingenuity - Disc Drive Meat Cutter

Has your Mum told you to turn your music off, but you’re having a lovely time? No problem:

Human Ingenuity - Head Phones

Weird News Collection

Desperate for that real feel of driving a car but only have a small iPhone screen? No problem:

Human Ingenuity - iPhone Steering Wheel Adaptor

More celebration of humanity on the next page…


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