VIDEO: Bloke Nearly Shoots Own Face Off With Gun

On November 7, 2013 by Tim Newman

Guns Are Stupid - Man Nearly Blows Face Off


In fact, just don’t even touch guns. They’re bad news. No good has ever come from a gun. In the good old days people used to stab each other to death, that necessitated a close proximity. Nowadays people on the moon could blow holes in people in Hackney if they wanted to. Shooters, rifles, glocks. Give it a rest, they’re horrible.

They should play this video to school children across the globe to show them:

a) why you shouldn’t own a gun

b) there are loads and loads of idiots in the world

3) stop shooting everyone.

This guy is one lucky sucker because it could have gone a lot, lot worse. Take a look at these apples:


Poor hat… what did the hat ever do to upset him? Nothing I would imagine. Stupid.

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