Should People Have The Right To Carry Guns?

On September 20, 2014 by Tim Newman

Families And Children With Guns - Charles Ommanney - Gun Control 8

I reckon what would be best is if we all just chilled out a bit; but I realise, as do we all, that a global “chilling out” is not particularly likely to happen. Humans get aggro, some people behave mental and some people are mental. There’s always going to be discontent and rage in the world, which means there will always be violence. So in my uneducated opinion: guns should be as hard to get as possible. (I also believe that swords, missile launchers and flamethrowers should be difficult to purchase).

A National Rifle Association convention Families And Children With Guns - young Tatum, aged 6, from Louisiana. My Little Rifle by An-Sofie Kesteleyn.

Everyone knows there are a lot of firearms in the US. People are prepared to rally and march to make sure they maintain their “right to bare arms”. Personally it seems like a bit of a bad idea, after all, you can kill someone with a gun very easily indeed, and sometimes (often) by mistake. So to play devil’s advocate, what do the gun-lovers say that is so compelling? Well, they reckon they should have a firearm in order to protect their family if the worst were to occur. The gun lovers of America believe it is their God given right to be allowed a gun to protect their family from terrorists, burglars and… aliens.

Families And Children With Guns - Prevent accidents Families And Children With Guns - Jennifer, Chris and Daniel in Washington Hayley, aged 6, from Louisiana. My Little Rifle by An-Sofie Kesteleyn

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