Karate Referee Goes Nuts And Beats Up Fighters

On September 27, 2013 by Tim Newman

Karate Fail - Lazer Horse - Referee Goes Nuts

I shall start this post with a massive show of gratitude to my tiny, baby brother for sending me a link to this video. Sam, you are great. Now. This video shows a karate referee who ends up getting royally jazzed off because the fighters aren’t listening to his commands, so he batters them. He floors them both in a short, shrift fashion and has to be dragged off by colleagues.

As with everything else on the internet, this video must be taken with a fist full of salt, you never know whether you can trust it or not. Maybe it was a set up or some weird performance art fandango, the cameras at the end are a little suspect. We may never know for sure though, not without being bothered to find out any way, and I for one can NOT be bothered. It’s a shame we have to be so skeptical of everything we see on the www, but I suppose it’s good practice for the real world. People be lying all the time, no?


It does seem pretty real, the punch that floors the man on the right certainly seems to connect with his head pretty good, but you just can’t tell these days. The internet will lie to you all day long if you let it. Regardless of whether it’s fact or fiction, it’s pretty funny. All hail the internerd:


Then I found this next video and I’m pretty sure this one’s defo real. And if anything it’s even more brutal. Skip to 2:40 if you’re in a rush:


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