Only In Pakistan: 7 Man Wheelie + Nova Wall Of Death

On July 2, 2013 by Tim Newman

Pakistan Funny Railway Crowded Train Dangerous

I’ve only tried riding a motorbike once and it didn’t go very well. Me and the bike parted ways swiftly and I was left with a log in my pants. I’m not a natural. I do understand the pull of the open road and the speed and the wind in your hair etc but I’m still probably never ever going to try it again.

This first video shot in Pakistan shows an expert motorcyclist doing a wheelie with SIX of his mates on the bike with him. It’s not just a two second maneuver either, the seven of them wheelie for a good few minutes, absolutely mental.

It’s terrifying. WHAT IS THE POINT!?



Then I found this, which is even worse, it’s some Pakistani Evel Knievels doing the wall of death in Novas??


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